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NA Radio: Ramsey Orta Still In Prison Slavery And Harassed For Filming Eric Garner’s Last Breaths On Earth

May 04, 2020

In this episode of New Abolitionists Radio, Tag and Scotty spoke with Deja, the fiance of Ramsey Orta. Deja gave us an update on Ramsey's case, the continued mistreatment by prison guards who write him up for imagined and minor infractions resulting in torture by way of solitary confinement. Deja shared with us the mental toll the ordeal has taken on Ramsey and his family since the fateful day he filmed the manslaughter of Eric Garner by NYPD officers.
Ramsey is at Collins Correctional Facility Inmate Mailing Address: Ramsey Orta 16A4200 Collins Correctional Middle Rd P.o box 340 Collins, NY 14034,
You can donate to Ramsey directly through Ramsey's Paypal at

Official Facebook Page: Support Ramsey Orta

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