Never Been Happier w/ Eric Trundy

Never Been Happier w/ Eric Trundy

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Never Been Happier Ep48 w/ Christopher Swanson Pt 2
May 05, 2016

Hi you!   good to see ya!.. This is part 2 of my talk w/ Christopher Swanson .. I hope you enjoy it.      Subscribe and rate the podcast on whatever podcast listening service you choose..    Also... I love ya!

Never Been Happier Ep#47 w/ Christopher Swanson Pt 1
May 02, 2016

Hey there... You .. You look good... I mean .. I'm not trying to flirt or anything.. but .. I like what you're doing right now... YOU seem confident .. and capable.. I LIKE ...   ME?   I'm doing ok .. Just here , putting out a new podcast......

Never Been Happier Ep#46 w/ Phil Warren Part 2
April 22, 2016

Hey .. Here is the highly anticipated part 2 of my talk with Phil Warren .. ENJOY IT

Never Been Happier Ep #45 w/ Phil Warren Part 1
April 17, 2016

Hey everyone... How are ya?!?  Good good...  Here is part one of my sit down with Phillip warren... Phil makes me giggle ... he's an insane person .. and I love it ... Enjoy!    

Never Been Happier Ep #44 w/ Joseph Landis
April 13, 2016

Hey ... Episode 44 ... With Joseph Landis...  A while back I posted on facebook for people I was friends with but didn't really know to come on by the couch and talk... Joseph was one of them. We met at a show , and then ran in to each other at...

Never Been Happier Ep #43 w/ Micah Hanner Part 2
April 07, 2016

Hey... This is Episode 43 of Never Been Happier and it's part 2 of my Sit Down w/ Micah Hanner. We get right in to it and its a good one.. I hope you enjoy it    #NeverBeenHappier is available via this link or by searching any podcast...

Never Been Happier Ep#42 w/ Micah Hanner Part 1
April 04, 2016

Hi there... I'm excited about this one.. This is part 1 of my sit-down with Micah Hanner. Micah is a fairly new comedian that has really impressed me in his short time. He's also fast become a comic who I like to take with me to shows i'm on as his...

Never Been Happier Ep #44 w/ Micah Hanner Part 3
April 03, 2016

Hi everyone... Here is episode 44, it's part three of my talk with Micah Hanner.    Listen via this link or search for "Never Been Happier" on whatever podcast app you use.    Subscribe and rate.    I loooooooove ya.

Never Been Happier Ep#41 w/ JD Etheridge Part 3
March 31, 2016

Hey everyone.. sorry this is a little late.. I forgot that I have to still do things on occasion. Also it took me about 3 minutes to remember how to spell "occasion".. I could've sworn it had 2 s'... anyhow, I digress...  Here is part 3 of my...

Never Been Happier Ep# 40 w/ JD Etheridge Part 2
March 28, 2016

Hey you... You look sexy as fuck today...  Anyhow... Here is the next episode of #NeverBeenHappier with my good friend JD.  We had a good talk and I think these are some of the best podcasts i've put out. I really enjoyed the conversation,...