Latest Episodes

Netflixation – Episode 07: Coming to America
November 12, 2015

Welcome back to another explosive episode of Netflixation! Lucas and Michael breakdown the 80’s comedy classic Coming to America. We ask the hard questions, such as “How do I identify stereotyping?”, “How does comedy work?”, and of course,

Netflixation – Episode 06: Creep
November 11, 2015

After a setback or two, we finally break down Creep, the Listener’s Choice movie for October!

Netflixation – Episode 05: Wyrmwood: Road of the Dead
October 23, 2015

Welcome back again to another episode of Netflixation. Lucas and Michael break down Wyrmwood: Road of the Dead, and by golly, there was a lot to cover. We streamlined the process a bit for this episode, spending more time on our thoughts,

Netflixation - Episode 04: A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night
October 15, 2015

What the what! Jason from Fluxtaposed is on the show! We talk vampires, bad cities, and skateboards! Most importantly we break down the sweet, sweet vampirey goodness that is A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night. Listen here!

Netflixation – Episode 03: Honeymoon
October 08, 2015

Honeymoon kicks off our Horror Movie Month, and boy oh boy, this one sure has some interesting moments to talk about! I do have to apologize for the audio quality, we were having some technical issues!

Netflixation – Episode 02: Little Norse Prince
October 01, 2015

Welcome friends, to Netflixation: The Sequel! In episode two, Lucas and Michael break down Little Norse Prince! This was a tough film for us to cover, but we managed to pull it off for your listening pleasure. Beware of the cat's meow,

Netflixation – Episode 01: Sightseers
September 25, 2015

Hey all! Welcome to the first episode of Netflixation! For this episode we have Russ Pontius guest hosting, and we talk about the movie Sightseers!