Nerd Out With Me '90s Cast

Nerd Out With Me '90s Cast

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Special Episode – A ’90s Cast ANNOUCEMENT
January 24, 2018

It’s not our eleventy-first birthday, but we do have an ANNOUNCEMENT. Listen for the skinny on what’s up with the podcast and be

029 – May 1992 (The Real World, Johnny Carson, Night Court)
January 08, 2018

It’s all television all the time as Tig and Eric connect via Skype on a frigid day to end their holiday hiatus. This week you’ll

028 – April 1992 (Beastie Boys, Who’s the Boss, L.A. Riots)
December 18, 2017

It’s a live madhouse! This week we tackle April 1992, and this show it a little different. We recorded this while live streaming our

027 – March 1992 (My Cousin Vinnie, I’m Too Sexy, Movies & Music)
December 11, 2017

Another week, another podcast. This week we dive into March 1992 and yammer about some great music from that month (and some not

026 – February 1992 (Wayne’s World, Alice in Chains, Baby’s Got Back)
December 04, 2017

February 1992 is here! This week we’re diving into the classic comedy Wayne’s World, taking a look at some music of February 1992,

025 – January 1992 (Golden Axe 2, Toys of 1992)
November 27, 2017

We’ve reached 1992 in our journey through the ’90s! This week we tackle the classic beat ’em up Golden Axe 2, talk about

Ep 24 – December 1991 (Spielberg’s Hook, Star Trek & the Soviet Union)
November 20, 2017

December 1991 is here, which means the fall of the Soviet Union, Spielberg’s disastrous Hook, and the last Star Trek movie featuring the

Ep 23 – November 1991 (U2’s Achtung Baby, Magic Johnson gets HIV)
November 13, 2017

We dive into November 1991 this week with an episode brought together in bits and pieces. A secret guest sits down to talk

Ep 22 – October 1991 (Drunk News & Politics, Soundgarden)
November 06, 2017

This is what happens when Eric & Tig get a little tipsy. Coming right in the middle of a marathon recording session, episode

Ep 21 – September 1991 (Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Guns n’ Roses)
October 30, 2017

September 1991 was an absurdly good month for music, so this week both our main episode and our bonus episode for Patreon supporters