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needlejunkies's podcast

Latest Episodes

Episode 7 Beth Brown-Reinsel
January 16, 2016

Knitting Traditions

Episode 6: Kate Atherley
December 31, 2015

Get your knit and crochet fix with Kim and Tina with this interview with Kate Atherley.  Kate joins Kim to talk about her incredible book, Custom Socks: Knit to Fit Your Feet.  She talks about her inspiration, her talents and upcoming...

Episode 5: Mary Jane Hall
December 10, 2015

Colorful Crochet

Episode 4: Alana Dakos
November 20, 2015

Come hear our interview with Alana Dakos the knitwear designer and author of Botanical Knits I & II and Coastal Knits.  Check out her beautiful new shawl pattern called the Secret Garden Shawl and more.

Episode3: Sarah Raasch from Orange Jellyfish Dream
November 12, 2015

Sarah Raasch from Orange Jellyfish Dream joins Kim and Tina for an interview to discuss her hand dyed yarns.  Please join us to listen to her talk about her venture into the fiber arts.  She also discusses her interest in helping charities...

Episode 2 Kirsten Kapur
November 02, 2015

Meet Kirsten Kapur and learn all about her lace designs.

Episode 1: Knitted Knockers with Barbara Demorest
October 03, 2015

Meet Kim and Tina in the Needle Junkies Podcast to discussed various knitting and crochet topics.  Our first interview is with Barb Demorest, the founder of Knitted Knockers.  A charity to help knit prosthetics for survivors of breast cancer.