The Naturist Living Show

The Naturist Living Show

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Black Naturists
July 16, 2020

In 1927 Maurice Parmelee wrote “it is of great importance for gymnosophy that race prejudice disappear entirely, or be reduced to the lowest possible minimum.” He would certainly be disappointed by the persistence of systemic racism nearly a century la...

Nude Wedding
May 31, 2020

Chrissy and Dave are interviewed by Tim Chizmar about their nude wedding on Black’s Beach in California. Links to items mentioned in the show: Scott Cline’s The New Nudist Podcast The New Nudist Podcast – interview with Stéphane Deschênes De Anza Sprin...

Just Naked
May 10, 2020

In just about a year, Just Naked has gained a tremendous amount of success both in real life and online. Adam Schwietert, one of the founders, tells us how they did it, what they’re doing now, and why they’re doing it.

Las Vegas Bares
April 26, 2020

Tim Chizmar interviews Julie D. Mayo, co-founder of the Las Vegas Bares; a non-landed club that organizes activities such as hiking, kayaking, swims, and more. Links to items mentioned in the show: Las Vegas Bares Las Vegas Bares Facebook Glen Eden Sun...

The Nude Music
April 04, 2020

Musicians who fight for body acceptance while making music; we chat with Dario Western of Laissez Fayre in Australia as well as Millie and Mie of The SoapGirls in South Africa. We also share some listener statistics and respond to voicemails.

Introducing The Naturist Living Show
March 28, 2020

What is The Naturist Living Show? In this 90 second trailer we briefly describe who we are, what we have been doing since 2008, and why we are producing this podcast.

ClothesFree dot com
March 21, 2020

Our correspondent, Tim Chizmar, interviews Corky Stanton, the founder of what may be the oldest naturist/nudist video website: They discuss the beginning and, with Philip Fayne, they outline its future.

Nude Beginnings
January 23, 2020

For some people, naturism can be a form of therapy. It can be so transformative that it changes your life. Madeline shares her very personal story of being saved by her experience. Links to items mentioned in the show: Working at Bare Oaks Ethical Natu...

Puppetry of the Penis
December 30, 2019

Tim Chizmar and Kayla Rae attends the Puppetry of the Penis show, a.k.a. the “art of genital origami”, in Las Vegas and interview the performers: Jamie Morris and Robert Ryan. Links to items mentioned in the show: Puppetry of the Penis International Si...

Nude Photography
December 05, 2019

We explore a variety of issues with artist and academic Matthew Hamon. There are many types of photography: casual, artistic, erotic, pornographic, artistic, clinical, commercial, scientific, etc… What is the difference?