D.A. Hurth Digital Fire Podcast

D.A. Hurth Digital Fire Podcast

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My Faith His Promise
August 04, 2021

Don't Lose Your Joy
August 04, 2021

Don't Get It Twisted
August 04, 2021

Come Into Me Lord
August 04, 2021

Making My Comeback
November 20, 2018

God The Force of Your Past
October 28, 2018

1st Installment of The Well Series Hear this moving, charging message. Hurth minister Jesus personified as The Well. Life is more than business as usual, It's the compelling force of an ever-present Christ.

Approved And Purposed
October 22, 2018

2nd installment of The Tree Series. Jesus' parable of the fig tree in the vineyard is another riveting message to the individual desiring the most out their relationship with, and their faith in Jesus Christ. Step by step Bishop Hurth walks with you

Why Did Jesus Curse The Fig Tree
October 16, 2018

Living out our purpose with the same intent for which we were created.