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Nate Czajkowski Podcast

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Don't Be The One Who Is Asked For
September 21, 2021

(FROM THE ARCHIVES October 11, 2020) Pressure to appear a certain way can rob a person of intimacy with God. In this talk we will explore why God isn't calling us to be the one who is asked for but

Remember & Rediscover Resurrection Power
September 09, 2021

(FROM THE ARCHIVES April 18, 2021) The COVID era will eventually come to an end. As this season is working towards that close, God is calling us to remember and rediscover him. In this talk we are c

Pastures & Princes
August 10, 2021

God took a young shepherd from the pastures and made him, as he says in 2 Samuel 7, "A prince over my people Israel." We may be hoping that our lives could follow the same up and to the right trajecto

Life of Passionate Fire
August 07, 2021

Back after 3 years with new talks. Would you honestly describe your spiritual life as passionate or zealous? Would you like to? Forgive the over the top title and listen for more. Also, I'd love to h

The Long Road
August 01, 2018

After a long hiatus from preaching, I'm back with a new talk. This sermon is an exploration of how following Jesus is a long ride, not a short one and why that's good news for you. We look at the temptation of Jesus and see how this shows that...

Defeating Two-Face
January 21, 2018

This talk examines how we address the duplicitousness within ourselves. Specifically, How addressing the sin in our lives will help us with that problem. Romans 7:7-25

Most Compelling Love
November 05, 2017

A look at an aspect of the Apostle Paul that made him, well, the Apostle Paul. 2 Corinthians 11-21

Greater Faith: Walkers with God
July 02, 2017

The first talk in a series called "Greater Faith." This talk explored how "We can't follow Jesus without Jesus." Matthew 16:21-25

Jesus & Other People: Those That Lay Their Palms Down
April 11, 2017

This is the conclusion to "Jesus & Other People." It's also a Palm Sunday message. We explore Jesus and the crowds that greet him and shout to him "Hosanna." Matthew 21:1-11 

Jesus & Other People: The Blind Man
March 26, 2017

A talk from the "Jesus & Other People" series. This talk focuses on the encounter that Jesus has with a blind man. John 9:1-41