Napa Sonoma Live- The Best Things To See, Sip & Savor

Napa Sonoma Live- The Best Things To See, Sip & Savor

The Unexpected; Screaming Eagle and Caviar

May 28, 2019

In this episode on the unexpected, Jean-Charles Boisset and I enjoy talking about the finer items in the store, including caviar and a selection of highly coveted wines by the glass or taste, that visitors may be surprised to discover in the same location as sandwiches and potato chips. The wines we taste today include JCB No 21 Brut Cremant de Bourgogne, bubbles that work beautifully with caviar, along with the 2015 Secret Indulgence Tarot Cabernet Sauvignon—showing that even red wine works with the tiny eggs.

This episode is made possible by Oakville Grocery, part of Boisset Collection, a portfolio of wineries and shops with strong historical and family roots.

Today we interview Oakville Grocery Wine Director Ed Maass, who shares insights into the mission of the Oakville Grocery’s new wine program in Napa. A nitrogen gas wine-preservation system allows guests to sample a dozen wines by the glass, including a selection from small producers that you otherwise might not have an opportunity to taste. But the unexpected element is the small selection of wines that are super high-end and extremely difficult to access. It's a surprise to see Screaming Eagle offered at $120 for a single ounce or $600 for a 5-ounce glass.

Another unexpected item at the grocery is Tsar Nicoulai Caviar, one of California’s few caviar producers. We speak with Tsar Nicoulai Vice President Otto Szilagyi and learn about the artisanally crafted white sturgeon roe that is farm-raised in a sustainable environment not far from Sacramento. We talk about the mystery of the eggs, their rating system, and how they are delicately and precisely brined.

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