October 28, 2021

In Episode 90, we are in the mountains near Hays, North Carolina to discuss "party fouls" or bad hiker etiquette on the trail. In the show, we discuss some of the bad behavior that was frequently mentioned in online articles, posts, and videos. We comment if we've been guilty of it, witnessed it, or agree that it IS indeed bad hiking etiquette. We also suggest what you SHOULD do on the trail and close the podcast with some gear fails that can ruin your day.

This is a special interview, because we get together to hike in the Jefferson National Forest for two days. AND we hang out in a mountain cabin as a tribute to The Camel's milestone birthday year. We also have a chance to discuss the weekend impacts of gas station sandwiches, wild horses, and aggressive cows. Plus we get The Kidd excited about the N2Backpacking bidet and the Camel stirred up about the She-Wee!!! So check-out Episode 90 and drop The Camel a birthday wish here.

Subject: Party Foul!Interviewees: The Camel, The Operator, The KiddInterview Date: February 21, 2021Runtime: 1:20:49

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