June 28, 2021

In Episode 88, we break from the typical format to take a look back at 10 years of podcasting.  The N2Backpacking podcast launched a decade ago this Spring, so Therm Rider joins me in the studio to talk about some of the original podcasters, the evolution of backpacking shows these last ten years, and the origins of the N2Backpacking podcast.  We also discuss our favorite episodes and play a few clips from them.

A decade goes by pretty fast, so Therm Rider and I close the podcast with projections on how both podcasting and backpacking may evolve over the next ten years.  And we specifically discuss how some things may change here in the Southeast.  Check this show out - it's a great summary of 10 years of podcasting!

Subject: A Look Back (And Forward)Interviewees: Therm RiderInterview Date: May 28, 2021Runtime: 1:08:18

Download Now: A Look Back (And Forward) (WMA format 33.3 MB); A Look Back (And Forward) (MP3 format 65.5 MB)