Episode 83: The Longest Straw

December 19, 2020

In Episode 83, Samantha Bode joins the show to talk about her 338 mile and 65 day hike along the Los Angeles aqueduct in California.  In the show, we talk about this unique and rarely attempted route, some of the challenges that Samantha faced, and how the ranchers, native Americans, and Los Angeles water personnel viewed her hike.

Since the 1950's, Southern California has been growing at an explosive rate and this podcast is about L.A.'s ever expanding need for water as much as it is about backpacking.  But The Longest Straw is a fascinating film and long distance journey along a pipeline that is largely forgotten by those that live in the City.  For more information on this documentary, you can follow this link to visit Samantha's website.  

Subject: The Longest StrawInterviewees: Samantha Bode (Aqua Duck)Interview Date: December 15, 2020Runtime: 1:18:39

Download Now: The Longest Straw (WMA format 37.4 MB); The Longest Straw (MP3 format 73.7 MB)