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Myth and Magic

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Interview with author Mark Bradford
June 17, 2022

Mark Bradford is the Wisconsin based author of The Sword and the Sunflower. Mark is also a work-life & work-relationship coach, a podcaster, a public speaker, and a UAV pilot! His recent post-dystopia

Interview with Annie Mydla, literary scholar and contest judge
June 16, 2022

How does a contest judge critique a manuscript for a literary prize? Here is valuable advice from an experienced judge at the highly respected North Street Book Prize.  Annie offers practical tips, an

Interview with Jon DiSavino
June 01, 2022

Jon DiSavino is a professional actor, podcast host, voice artist, and creator of Short Story Today, a new podcast show that combines his love of voice acting with his love of literature. We chatted ab

Interview with Chris Porter
May 31, 2022

An interview with Los Angeles-based writer, award-winning composer, and sound designer Chris Porter who is the creator of a new audio sci-fi drama, SOLAR, with Jenny Curtis, that features Helen Hunt, 

Inteview with P. Grace Lawson
May 27, 2022

Rise of the Ravenisha by P. Grace Lawson is a paranormal novel with action, humor, romance, and mystery. It encompasses fierce warrior women, power struggles, corrupt experiments, and were-panthers! I

Interview with Mary Kendall
May 12, 2022

Maryland historian Mary Kendall became a debut author with her tale of moonlit alleys, shadowy tunnels, and buried secrets. The Spinster's Fortune, a tale with gothic undertones, is about deceit in a

Interview with J V Hilliard
April 19, 2022

An interview with with the Pennsylvania based epic fantasy author J V Hilliard who recently arrived on the fantasy adventure scene with the first title in his Warminster Series. "The Last Keeper" is a

Interview with Warrior Muse: Shannon Lawrence
March 02, 2022

Short story author Shannon Lawrence has been described as the true queen of horror. She recently produced a nonfiction book “The Business of Short Stories: Writing, Submitting, Publishing, and Marketi

Interview with Tanya Gough
February 23, 2022

An interview with tech founder Tanya Gough, who created the StoryBilder writing program. With a background in fantasy writing, Tanya takes a unique approach to teaching authorship and wanted to create

Hard Fantasy
February 17, 2022

What is hard fantasy? What is the so-called “Great Eagle Problem” that readers sometimes encounter in fantasy narratives?  What does eucatastrophe mean? Also, why do some people resent artists and cre