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MysticalDat Podcast

Snake An Important Holy Symbol Of Our Father King

July 14, 2020

Hello Light, its been a while since I last Podcast, thanks to our Father and Creator King Divine Yahuah for making it all possible ones again and also to My Masters, Master Jesus, Archangel Michael, Angel Jerome, Angel Jermaine, Master Enoch, Master Elijah, Master David, Master Matthew, Master Daniel, Holy Mary and Holy Mary Magdalene, I thank them all.

Today’s Podcast is about our Father King Divine, our Father’s other Holy Symbol beside the Cross, Snake so a Podcast entitled “Snake An Important Holy Symbol Of Our Father King”.

I have already Tweeted most of the information I am going to Podcast today on Twitter on MysticalDatBene account

These Tweets are very important so close to My Heart so I would like to share this through this platform as King Divine Guided Me to, please do Kindly share as well to spread the Word.

Without editing much from the original as I Podcast these would be what I Tweeted earlier.

You can find the Transcript on MysticalDat Blog by visiting this link copy and paste into the Browser