My Wife is Going to Kill Me

My Wife is Going to Kill Me

Latest Episodes

Episode 295: Episode 295
August 02, 2023

Travis leaves on a familiar vacation so OMK and Mike Smith stop by to share toys with Steve, Jere...

Episode 294: Episode 294
July 25, 2023

Steve is out but Travis, Pete and Jeremy soldier on!

Episode 293: Episode 293
July 10, 2023

Pete talks D&D! Jeremy starts the show without Steve and takes the Alpha spot. Steve shows up...

Episode 292: Episode 292 (Cosmic Legions Book 1)
July 03, 2023

The boys finally get their mitts on the first wave of Cosmic Legions from Four Horsemen Studios.

Episode 291: Episode 291
June 26, 2023

Steve, Jeremy and Travis Jockey for Alpha position while bringing you news and the usual B.S..

Episode 290: Episode 290
June 05, 2023

Steve wants to live with the chimps. Jeremy has a health update and Matt finishes his Kickstarter...

Episode 289: Episode 289
May 28, 2023

Lets talk about toys, and pedophiles! Dont ask just listen.

Episode 288: Episode 288
May 14, 2023

Happy Mothers Day! Steve and Trav do a show all by themselves.  The Monkey King from Fourho...

Episode 287: Episode 287
May 09, 2023

Travis is away. Steve, Pete and Jeremy welcome Mike Smith to sit in and say a sentence or two. A ...

Episode 286: Episode 286
May 07, 2023

Steve is a jerk. Travis Laughs. Matt is trying to follow his dreams. Jeremy is lovable and Pete i...