My Secular Sobriety

My Secular Sobriety

Latest Episodes

Episode 11: Reality Check with David B. Bohl
April 05, 2020

This episode features a conversation with our friend David B. Bohl and focuses on how to cope with the ongoing trauma of the Covid 19 pandemic. David has written several articles on the topic, which can be found at his website davidbbohol.comĀ 

Episode 10: The Sinclair Method with Katie Lain
March 30, 2020

In this episode we meet Katie Lain, an advocate and mentor for the Sinclair Method, which is a means for treating Alcohol Use Disorder (AUD) based on the principal of pharmacological extinction. Those who use this method to treat AUD will take the drug...

Episode 9: Gabe Rosales
March 28, 2020

Gabe Rosales, is a professional musician, and a sobriety and criminal justice advocate from San Juan Capistrano, California. He got sober in 2007 after serving time in prison for crimes committed during the time he was actively drinking and drugging.

Episode 8: Spirituality, Secularism, and Recovery
March 08, 2020

Bobby C. has been sober for 36 years and during that time, he has always been open-minded to new ideas and this has enriched his recovery. He has utilized a number of different peer support groups such as AA, SMART, and Dharma Recovery.

Episode 7: Meet Ben
March 01, 2020

In this episode, John introduces Ben the co-host for this podcast. Ben briefly discusses his addiction and recovery and a conversation flows from there. Topics covered include: twelve step culture, atheism and agnosticism,

Episode 6: How to Handle AA as a Secularist
February 23, 2020

In this episode John and Ben have a conversation about how to navigate Alcoholics Anonymous as a secular person. They briefly touch on what a person can expect to experience at their first AA meeting, and how to handle the overtly religious nature of m...

Episode 5: LifeRing Secular Recovery
February 16, 2020

In this episode, Ben and I spoke with Robert Stump who has been the Executive Director of LifeRing Secular Recovery since 2012 when the founder, Marty Nicholas stepped down. In this episode Robert shares his personal story in recovery and how he found ...

Episode 4: Harm Reduction
February 09, 2020

Sally Sanders, a SMART Recovery facilitator and advocate for harm reduction explains the principles and science behind harm reduction. We talked about how harm reduction saves lives and why it should be included as a treatment option.

Episode 3: David B. Bohl | The World Post AA
February 02, 2020

David B. Bohl, is an independent Addiction Consultant at Beacon Confidential, and author of Parallel Universes: The Story of Rebirth. In this episode he joins Ben and John to share his thoughts on the world post AA.

Episode 2: SMART Recovery
January 29, 2020

In this episode, Ben and John talk with Steve Bergier, a certified SMART Recovery facilitator. Steve walks us through the Four Points of SMART Recovery: building and maintaining motivation, coping with urges, managing thoughts, feelings,