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Journalism Without Borders: Julia MacFarlane On Recording Global History (DiS018 | S2 EP10)
November 30, 2023

What can the music press learn from traditional news journalism in war zones and TV studios? As Drowned in Sound's podcast season looking at the future of media media continues, we wander into the world of international journalism with award-winning r

The Music Press Paradox: Is 'Traditional Media' Still Relevant for New Artists? (DiS017 | S2 EP9)
November 23, 2023

Does the music industry still need the music press? Do new acts still care about media coverage?Explore the shifting landscape of music promotion in the digital era with Atlanta Cobb, the award-winning Music Business Coach and managerof multi-platinum s

Doesn't Ads Up: If $600 billion a year is being spent, why are so many publications closing? (DiS016 | S2 EP8)
November 14, 2023

In a digital world awash with advertising money, why are music publications and media outlets facing extinction? As we explore the future of the music press, we take a detour into the world of marketing to help make sense of the economics of the media la

PROG Editor Jerry Ewing on Magazine-making, Kate Bush, Genre Journalism and more (DiS015 | S2 EP7)
November 09, 2023

How do you become a magazine editor? And whats it like running a genre-specific title in 2023?In a world where the digital age is rapidly redefining media, Sean Adams (@seaninsound) meets a titan of the magazine world, Jerry Ewing, editor of PROG magazi

Tech-no-logic: NBC's Kat Tenbarge on Culture & Tech Reporting (DiS014 | S2 EP6)
November 07, 2023

What can the music press learn from reporting on technology and content creators?In the ever-evolving landscape of music and technology, where do the twain meet and diverge? Drowned in Sound founder Sean Adams meets NBC News' tech and culture reporte

Big Time Intersectionality: Cultural Revolutions vs Pop In A Time of Populism (DiS013 | S2 EP5)
November 04, 2023

Shouldn't all music journalism be intersectional?In this episode, DiS founder Sean Adams meets journalist, writer, editor, and wonderful human Emma Garland who has written for Vice, Huck, The Quietus, The Face, Crack, Dazed, Sunday Times, Rolling Sto

Crafting DIY Magazine: Emma Swann on Two Decades of Music Writing, Editing, Printing and Website-ing (DiS012 | S2 EP4)
October 31, 2023

What's it really like to edit a music website?DIY Magazine co-founder Emma Swann joins DiS founder Sean Adams on season two of the Drowned in Sound podcast about the future of music journalism. We journey from the early days of the website to its cu

Climate Change x Pop Culture: No Music Press On A Dead Planet (DiS010 | S2 EP2)
October 28, 2023

Is music journalisms future at the intersection of societys bigger issues?Journalist, podcaster and climate communicator Greg Cochrane shares how interviewing ANOHNI changed his life, what it was like editing NMEs website, the joy of being involved in

From Fugazi and Beastie Boys to The Royal Society: Kickstarter's co-founder on the future of Media (DiS011 | S2 EP3)
October 28, 2023

How will the music media of the future be funded?In this episode Sean Adams is in a conversation with Kickstarter's co-founder, Yancey Strickler delve into the impactful musical legacies of Fugazi's Dischord label and Beastie Boys' Grand Roya

Activism & Music Journalism: The Big Issue's Venue Watch Campaign (DiS2009 | S2 EP1)
October 23, 2023

Is music journalism's future in campaigning?On this episode of the Drowned in Sound podcast (S2 E1 | DiS009), DiS founder Sean Adams (@seaninsound) spoke with Laura Kelly, Culture Editor at The Big Issue, about their Venue Watch campaign, which is sh