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The Mighty Oaks Show – Episode 036
October 11, 2019

Jeremy Stalnecker is joined by Matt Whitman from The Ten Minute Bible Hour, to discuss the power of faith, why individuals lose their faith and much more. Check out The Ten Minute Bible Hour:

The Mighty Oaks Show – Episode 035
October 04, 2019

Jeremy Harrell, Founder of Veteran's Club and Mighty Oaks Graduate, joins Jeremy Stalnecker on this episode of the Mighty Oaks Show. The two discuss Jeremy's experience at Mighty Oaks and explain the thought behind Veteran's Club.

The Mighty Oaks Show – Episode 034
September 27, 2019

Jeremy Stalnecker has a conversation with Gabe Rench from CrossPolitic Studios about the importance of having a biblical worldview in all aspects of life. From Politics to your commute home from work having a biblical worldview can shape our actions an...

The Mighty Oaks Show – Episode 033
September 20, 2019

Jon Lowry is back to talk with Jeremy about Serving USA and the work they're doing as well as discussing hope, resilience and legacy. Jon was the first guest on the Mighty Oaks Show, if you missed it and haven't heard his story check it out here: h...

The Mighty Oaks Show – Episode 032
September 13, 2019

Jeremy & Susanne Stalnecker sit down together to talk more about the topic touched on last week of separating our Men's & Women's Legacy Programs as well as a closer look into the Women's Legacy Program here at Mighty Oaks. https://youtu.

The Mighty Oaks Show – Episode 031
September 06, 2019

Jeremy Stalnecker sits down and explains why we separate Men & Women in our Legacy Programs despite our culture leaning towards equality in this episode of The Mighty Oaks Show.

The Mighty Oaks Show – Episode 030
August 30, 2019

Chad Robichaux had the opportunity to speak to Philadelphia SWAT and Highway Patrol this month on resiliency. We were blessed with the opportunity to have Gil Trusty, Chaplain for the Philadelphia SWAT to discuss challenges our Nation's Police face and...

The Mighty Oaks Show – Episode 029
August 23, 2019

Jeremy Stalnecker, our Executive Director, sits down with John Davis, Applications Coordinator, to hear from Gabe Aponte, Marine and current Police Officer. The trio discuss a wide range of topics from Gabe's compelling story to why the suicide rate am...

The Mighty Oaks Show – Episode 028
August 16, 2019

Jeremy sits down with the War Stories Podcast crew to discuss their stories, the power of transparency and the camaraderie between our police, firefighters & military service members. Check out the War Stories Podcast anywhere Podcasts are found.

The Mighty Oaks Show – Episode 027
August 09, 2019

Jeremy interviews Chad & Kathy Robichaux to get Kathy's perspective on their PTSD journey as well as digging into what life is like after Chad's commitment to change and the challenges they still face today.