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Transition to Civilian with Luke Dodd | Mighty Oaks Show 097
December 18, 2020

USMC Veteran and our Mobile Team Training Manager here at Mighty Oaks, Luke Dodd, joins Jeremy this episode of the Mighty Oaks Show to discuss his journey and transition from the military to civilian life.

Show Highlights with Damon Friedman & Frank Sontag | Mighty Oaks Show 096
December 11, 2020

Take a look back on these two great episodes of The Mighty Oaks Show as Jeremy sits down with Damon Friedman, Founder of SOF Missions, and then interviews Frank Sontag, Founder of Kingdom Men's Gathering.

Living Out Your Faith with Michael Hanson | Mighty Oaks Show 095
December 04, 2020

Jeremy Stalnecker is joined by Michael Hanson, Mighty Oaks' Chief Operating Officer, to discuss Michael's journey to Mighty Oaks and the importance of prioritizing your faith.

The Mighty Oaks Show 094 – Highlight Show
November 27, 2020

Take a look back at these three great episodes of the Mighty Oaks Show.

Mighty Oaks Impact with Kevin Knutson | Mighty Oaks Show 093
November 20, 2020

Kevin Knutson, our National Director of Development, sits down with Jeremy Stalnecker to share his story and why he felt called to devote his life to helping veterans. They also touch on the veteran suicide epidemic and why it's important to not only r...

The Fire You Carry with Nole Lilley | Mighty Oaks Show 092
November 13, 2020

Nole Lilley from The Fire You Carry Podcast, joins Jeremy Stalnecker in this episode of The Mighty Oaks Show. Nole shares his story and the transformation that took place after he attended a Mighty Oaks Warrior Program.

The Gatekeeper & Veterans Day with Jordan Martinez | Mighty Oaks Show 091
November 06, 2020

Jeremy is joined by Jordan Martinez, US Army Veteran and Director of The Gatekeeper. The two discuss Veterans Day, what it means to them and dive deep into Jordan's movie The Gatekeeper. - Learn more about The Gatekeeper: https://www.

REBOOT RECOVERY with Evan Owens | Mighty Oaks Show 090
October 30, 2020

Evan Owens from Reboot Recovery joins our CEO, Jeremy Stalnecker, to discuss his testimony and how he started the Reboot Recovery organization and so much more.

A Look Back at our 10th Annual Warrior Gala | Mighty Oaks Show 088
October 16, 2020

This week we take a look back at out 10th Annual Warrior Gala and reflect on the messages our keynote speakers delivered. Listen to our Founder, Chad Robichaux, and Lt. Col. Allen West along with a testimony from one of our graduates.

The Mighty Oaks Show – Episode 087 Best of 2020
October 09, 2020

This week we wanted to look back at some of our most popular Mighty Oaks Show episodes of the year. To view the full interviews head over to our YouTube channel and don't forget to subscribe!