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Atheist Finds Jesus at Mighty Oaks | Mighty Oaks Show 137
November 05, 2021

Jeremy Stalnecker is joined by Brandon Bettis, a recent graduate of Mighty Oaks Programs to talk about his journey of how an atheist found Jesus at Mighty Oaks and much more.

New Generation of Law Enforcement | Mighty Oaks Show 136
October 29, 2021

Jeremy Stalnecker is joined by his son, Ethan Stalnecker, to discuss the new generation of law enforcement and more.

A Look Back At The 11th Annual Warrior Gala | Mighty Oaks Show 135
October 22, 2021

In this yearly tradition, we take a look back at our 11th Annual Warrior Gala in this episode of the Mighty Oaks Show. Hear from our Founder, Chad Robichaux and our Keynote Speaker of the evening, Ste

Finding Your Identity with Emile Moured | Mighty Oaks Show 134
October 08, 2021

Jeremy Stalnecker is joined by Emile Moured to discuss his transition out of the military and the importance of finding your identity in Christ and not in your work or things of this world.

5 Things You May Have Missed This Year | Mighty Oaks Show 133
October 01, 2021

A lot has happened this year, and a lot has happened within our organization. Jeremy Stalnecker highlights 5 things you may have missed this year in this episode of The Mighty Oaks Show.

Offensive Faith with Pastor Steve Chappell & Jeremy Stalnecker | Mighty Oaks Show 131
September 17, 2021

Jeremy Stalnecker and Pastor Steve Chappell sit down and have a conversation about Offensive Faith. What that means to them and why they decided to write a book on it. Don't miss this episode of the M

Save Our Allies | Mighty Oaks Show 130
September 10, 2021

There has been a lot of coverage of what's taking place in Afghanistan. Chad Robichaux, was overseas in the Middle East helping evacuate over 12,000 souls from Afghanistan. Jeremy Stalnecker is joined

Processing Afghanistan As A Veteran with Matt Statler | Mighty Oaks Show 129
September 03, 2021

On this episode of The Mighty Oaks Show we turn our attention to veterans who have served in Afghanistan and how to process the emotions that may arise as we watch the events of the past few weeks unf

Changing the Narrative Around Veteran Care with Lt. Col Daniel Gade PhD | Mighty Oaks Show 128
August 27, 2021

Veterans care and veteran policy is a topic that both sides of the political spectrum come to the same conclusion on, but is that conclusion what's best for our veterans? Lt. Col Daniel Gade PhD join

First Responders Program with John Davis | Mighty Oaks Show
August 20, 2021

John Davis joins Jeremy Stalnecker to share his experience as a Police Officer and why our First Responder Programs are so successful and more importantly why they are so needed.