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Movies That Matter

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Impact 10: Indigenous Cinema I AUDIO ONLY
November 27, 2020

Impact 10 with Stacy, Nicole, Christopher, and Lexy discusses indigenous cinema. Stacy covers westerns and The Searchers, Nicole gives a short retrospective on American Indian cinema and Smoke Signals, Christopher talks Maori culture and Whale Rider,...

Impact 10: Not Your Typical Fear AUDIO ONLY
October 26, 2020

AUDIO ONLY VERSION. See our YouTube Channel for the video. Impact 10 with Nicole, Stacy, Garret, Christopher, and Lexy covers movies that taught us to be afraid. We highlight a selection of our own then discuss the role of fear in movies. Facebook

Impact 10: Queer Cinema I AUDIO ONLY
June 18, 2020

AUDIO ONLY VERSION Watch the video: This Impact 10 episode features Stacy, Lexy, Nicole and Garret discussing Queer Cinema. Stacy tackles award winners, Lexy talks activism and politics, Nicole covers AIDS and Garret...

Introducing Impact 10
June 11, 2020

Introducing Impact 10, a video series from Movies that Matter highlighting the movies that helped change the world. Facebook

My Favorite Alien
May 02, 2020

Movie that Matter presents My Favorite Alien, the video panel created for Awesome Con online. Stacy, Garret, Lexy, and Christopher chooses a favorite movie alien to visit earth and explain the benefits to humanity.

The Hunt and the Current Pandemic
March 26, 2020

Adam and Nicole discuss The Hunt, how the movie entertains as horror, but fails on satire, the ridiculousness of the whole controversy, some of our favorite satires, and how we think the coronovirus pandemic will affect the current political dynamic....

The Invisble Man and the Legacy of Domestic Abuse Movies
March 12, 2020

Jen and Nicole discuss The Invisible Man, how effective the technique was in creating a scary movie, how we appreciate the focus on the emotional trauma rather than the physical trauma of domestic abuse, and how we feel about the revenge fantasy of...

The Photograph and How We Fall in Love
February 27, 2020

Garrett E and Nicole discuss The Photograph, our differing opinions on the movie, what it takes to sell a romance and breakup, and the difference between what we're told and we're shown in the movie. We strongly disagree on whether the character's...

Birds of Prey and Women in the DCU
February 13, 2020

Stacy, Lexy, and Nicole discuss Birds of Prey, how delightful we found the film, and how much better we think the female led movies in the DCU are than in Marvel or the male side of DCU. We enjoy all the aspects that made this a movie by women for...

Dolittle and the Human Animal Connection
January 30, 2020

Garret S and Nicole discuss Dolittle, how neither of us managed to power through the movie, the utterly bizarre accents of the live and voice actors, and the meaning animals have in our lives as adults and children. We recommend some of our favorite...