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114. They Live With A Creature Killer In The Lagoon
March 02, 2023

Lady Phantom aces this months Music Quiz, can you also? We thought this was a tougher soundtrack test but the Phantom proved her movie prowess by showing her talented cinephile status! We start the

113. A Phantom Took A Train To The Fifth Street Opera
February 02, 2023

Its our new theming continues and will prevail throughout the 2023 year with a 4-movie music test and then onwards and upwards to our 3-4K movie reviews with disc gradings! We jump all the way bac

112. Massive Dogs Bit The Commuter
January 05, 2023

Its 2023 and MOVIES in 4K is going to attempt to release a new episode each month for the whole year. If we hit our goal you will have 36 new 4K gradings to base your physical media purchasing power

111. Rankin Bass 4K Christmas Collection
December 01, 2022

HappyHolidays from the hosts and staff here at MOVIES in 4K! This episode will be the last one of the year and serve as the Christmas release to all of our listeners all over the world! Rankin/Bass

110. SPECIAL! New Format
October 27, 2022

I bet you wasnt expecting a release this quick, eh? Wellwe have a major announcement with a new theming to MOVIES in 4K! Due to the response on Episode 108andto get more episodes out to you in a q

109. Superheroes, Monsters, Chucky And Tony Montana
October 06, 2022

Five movie reviews, five 4K gradingsare backin full force! New releasesremasters of classicsand more! We made mention of a podcast release from Planet Macabre and wanted to link it hereEpisode Nu

108. Friday The 13th In 4K Plus Horror Music Quiz
September 15, 2022

Its been a minute, but we are back with an entertaining show for you! We wanted to be the first podcast out there to cover the brand new, recently released Friday The 13th original slasher on 4K Ultr

107. A Dozen Genres Variety Show
June 30, 2022

We have a doozy for you this episode. We cover the typical five movies that are listed in a multitude of genres so there is something for every film watcher in this show! You will be shocked, stunned

106. Ten Avengers Battled Five Alligators In Phoenix
April 28, 2022

We wrap up The Hobbit franchise (finally, whew!) and continue our march through the Harry Potter series on this episode. Staying in the fantasy realm we cover a much beloved superhero film, while conc

105. A Hobbit Drinking Water From A Goblet Met Spiderman At The Casino
March 03, 2022

For only the 7th time in over 160 movies BillChete and Lady Phantom agree on a masterpiece with a perfect 10 rated movie! If thats not enough, the couple undeniably agree on our 5th extremely impre