The Mountain And The Word

The Mountain And The Word

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40 The Judge of all the Earth
March 26, 2020

In this show, we examine Genesis 18:25, where Abraham describes God as “the Judge of all the earth”. The focus of this show is how this description of God depends on the historical truth of the early chapters of Genesis.

39 Climate Change Scares
March 16, 2020

Join us as we examine a video by Bill Nye, which attempts to teach us about Climate Change, but fails on basic science. There is also a HDTV version of this podcast program, available on our Roku channel – the Mountain Word Channel.

38 Days Are Days
February 14, 2020

In this episode, we walk through the reasoning why the days of Creation had to be 24-hour days. We also continue going through Genesis, and discuss the Creation Orchard. There is also a HDTV version of this podcast program,

37 A Local Flood for Old Earthers
December 11, 2019

First, a look at new features in the Creation Center. Then a response to Hugh’s Flood Model. Finally, we have reached Day Six in our walk through Genesis. There is also a TV version of this podcast program,

36 We Should Be Dogmatic about Genesis
October 06, 2019

Dr. Michael Brown released a short video this week, explaining why he doesn’t think he can be dogmatic on Genesis. We interact with the video, and show why teaching the biblical timescale is important. Also in the show,

35 Climate Change and the Youth
October 02, 2019

Climate Change propaganda reached new heights recently, as a Swedish teenager – Greta Thunberg – was allowed to address the UN, reading a speech that had clearly been written for her, in a delivery that owed much to the acting skills of her parents.

34 Prince Harry, Prince Charles, and Harmony
August 14, 2019

Prince Harry recently made remarks about global warming, and malthusian population control, similar to views expressed nine years ago by his father, the Prince of Wales, in his book Harmony. We also begin a look at Day 4 of creation,

33 The Lost World of Exegesis
July 22, 2019

The Lost World series of books, produced by writers for BioLogos, includes a book called The Lost World of the Flood. We show how the authors claim to have a high view of Scripture, but in fact it is a very low view of Scripture.

32 Illogical Arguments on Creation
July 07, 2019

There are comments on the legacy, as regards the creation vs evolution debate, of Dr. Norman Geisler. Then we discuss the lack of logic in William Lane Craig’s answers on evolution. Finally, we discuss what God did on Day 2 of creation,

31 Creation Day One and a Terrible Textbook
April 08, 2019

In this episode, we talk about upcoming events for the Mount St Helens Creation Center We then address the publication of a theistic evolutionary textbook, written for students at Wheaton College and elsewhere, compiled by BioLogos.