Mother Recovering

Mother Recovering

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Episode 20 – Dana Bowman
May 18, 2018

Join me for a conversation with Dana Bowman, author of the book Bottled: A Mom’s Guide to Early Recovery. We discuss early sobriety, 12-step recovery, marriage, parenting and writing. Dana’s new book, How to Be Perfect Like Me,

Bonus Episode 2 – The First Gift: Shame
May 15, 2018

Join me for a dramatic reading of the second chapter of a book I’m reading here. If you haven’t listened to Bonus Episode 1, go back and listen now. This Chapter is called Three Gifts for a Girl and today’s reading is Part 1: The First Gift – Shame.

Episode 19: Michelle Recovering
May 11, 2018

Join Jessica as she interviews her friend, Michelle. They talk sobriety, getting sober young and getting sober again as a mom, motherhood, marriage, her recovery toolbox, surviving the witching hour and getting through the rough stuff to a place of pea...

Bonus Episode 1 – Bathtub Revelations
May 07, 2018

This bonus episode consists of me, Annika, reading chapters from a book I wrote years ago. I am not organized or energized enough to do anything like trying to publish this work but I would love to share it here with you guys!!

Episode 18: Amanda Recovering - Mother Recovering
May 04, 2018

Jessica interviews her recovery bestie, Amanda. The two met online early in their sobriety journeys and became fast friends. Their conversation shows us why we can’t do this thing alone and that building our recovery tribe is everything.

Episode 17: Help a Mother Out - Mother Recovering
April 27, 2018

Annika and Jess work out the details as Annika is reaching out for help with the podcast and bringing on some support. We catch up and get to know each other better and throw around some ideas for the podcast moving forward like fielding listener quest...

Episode 16: Tiffany Jenkins from Juggling the Jenkins - Mother Recovering
April 19, 2018

I am so excited to share my conversation with Tiffany Jenkins of Juggling the Jenkins. Tiffany is a mom living in recovery who makes inspiring, hilarious, touching, wonderful videos online and shares them with us so we feel less alone in this world.

Episode 15: Mindy’s Story - Mother Recovering
April 13, 2018

Join me for a conversation with Mindy Hord. We talk about the adoption experience, finding community and belonging, parenting, marriage, fitness and Toni Robbins. You can learn more about Mindy and all the health and wellness stuff she does at the foll...

Episode 14: Annika’s Life Right Now - Mother Recovering
April 06, 2018

Today’s episode is Annika rambling somewhat aimlessly about her life today, the disruption in the podcast schedule, and her priorities and intentions moving forward. Annika talks about taking on too much and getting overwhelmed and regrouping with clea...

Episode 13: Rosemary O’Connor – Sober Mom’s Guide - Mother Recovering
February 25, 2018

My guest today is the awesome Rosemary O’Connor, author of A Sober Mom’s Guide to Recovery: Taking Care of Yourself To Take Care of Your Kids. Rosemary and I discuss the event that catapulted her into recovery and her path toward addressing her alcohol...