Mother Recovering

Mother Recovering

Latest Episodes

It Got Weird with Annika
February 01, 2021

Annika tried to interview her Mom and then got weird shame feelings and then recorded this days later.

Talking with My Dad
January 06, 2021

Annika talks to her Dad about his life from birth to 10 and the river of stuff that runs through our family

Talking with My Girls
January 05, 2021

Annika talks to her children about her anger and sobriety.

New Year New Episode
January 03, 2021

An Update from Annika and plans for 2021.

Episode 26: Kerry Recovering
June 29, 2018

Join Jessica for the final podcast of the season. The two talk about navigating boundaries around drinking with your partner when you both know you have a problem, hitting rock bottom, making the decision to go to inpatient treatment,

Episode 25: Candice Recovering
June 22, 2018

Join Jessica as she interviews her dear friend Candice. The two talk about binge drinking, cocaine and polysubstance abuse, divorce, single-parenting, dating, living in the city and having friends in recovery.

Episode 24: Rebecca Recovering Part Two
June 15, 2018

Join me for part two of my conversation with Rebecca. Rebecca discusses making the decision to enter treatment for depression and anxiety at 8 years sober. Visit for more podcasts and posts.

Episode 23: Rebecca Recovering
June 08, 2018

Join Annika and Rebecca as they discuss Rebecca’s recovery journey and her decision to enter treatment for depression and anxiety with 8 years of sobriety. This is part 1 of a 2 part conversation that will be continued next week.

Episode 22: Hillary Recovering Part Two
June 01, 2018

Join Jessica and Hillary for part two of their Mother Recovering interview. They discuss bedtime madness with kids, dating sober and parenting in recovery. You can reach Jessica at and Annika at

Episode 21 – Hillary Recovering
May 25, 2018

Join Jessica as she interviews her friend, Hillary, about getting through early sobriety, being a single mom, 12-step recovery and when to work the steps. This is a two-part interview so check back next week for the second part of their conversation.