Most Foul Podcast

Most Foul Podcast

Episode 9: I’m Feelin’ a Little Woozy Here!

October 25, 2021

Matthew Lillard as Stu in Scream (1996)

This week, Andrew + Kirsten go daaaaark for Halloween and discover some creepy coincidences and cookie-tossing details along the way. Don’t miss this lesser-known serial case, which gave new life to the entire horror genre.

Crime Scene + Other Locations

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Featured photo by Milos Prelevic, via Unsplash.

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Episode Sources

* Danny Rolling - Wikipedia * Grisly Gainesville - Crime Library * The Victims the Slain Students Traveled Different Paths Only to Be United in Death - Sun Sentinel* No Longer Unknown - Gainesville Sun* How a woman in Louisiana helped break the case of 5 student murders in Florida* Remaining Evidence in the Danny Rolling Case to Be Destroyed - Gainesville Sun* The Gainesville Ripper, Part 1. Prior to the summer of 1990… | by Lori Johnston | The True Crime Edition* Nearly Three Years After the Gainesville Killings, Ed Humphrey Has a Message: 'I'm Just Like Anybody Else. I've Got Feelings, Too, and That Stuff Really Hurt Me… And I'll Never Be Able to Forget It.’ - Orlando Sentinel * Humphrey's Grandmother Dies - Sun Sentinel * The Real-Life Story That Inspired SCREAM* Scream: The True Story That Inspired Ghostf...