Most Foul Podcast

Most Foul Podcast

Mini Episode 7: Owl About Charles

October 04, 2021

1 Steven Avery's Mugshot, 1985; 2 If It Doesn't Fit, You Must Acquit, 1995 Vince Bucci; 3 Netflix's The Staircase; 4 Majestic Owl

This week Andrew + Kirsten chat with another very special guest and delve into his Inciting Incidents—public and personal—and wax philosophical about the criminal justice system, popular true-crime docuseries, and the importance of never calling Andrew 'Andy.'

Do you have a riveting origin story that you think explains your warped, true-crime obsessed brain? That’s what we call an Inciting Incident, and we will be reading listener Inciting Incidents on upcoming mini episodes. If you’d like to be featured (and get a sweetass discount in the merch store), just drop your info here.

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Featured photo by Luigi Manga, via Unsplash.

Episode Sources

* Review: ‘Making a Murderer,’ True Crime on Netflix (Published 2015)* 'My God': New claims about O.J. Simpson and bloody glove trouble former district attorney* The Staircase (Wikipedia)