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Million dollar views / $6 million dollar problem fixed
August 16, 2023

Lake View Terrace High Rise in downtown St. Joseph is public, affordable housing and they just completed some major work to replace plumbing throughout the building. Residents were displaced for eight months but now they're moving back in. Read the full a

The real estate seesaw in Southwest Michigan
August 15, 2023

From today's Moody on the Market segment, "Like two sides of a playground seesaw, the housing market in Michigans Great Southwest continued to showcase falling sales even in the face of rising prices, and inventory levels continue to languish, further ex

Taylor Rental Sold
August 14, 2023

After decades of successful operation of Taylor Rental, the current owners are calling it a day. The business will remain in operation and the new owners are taking over soon! You can hear our segment from the WSJM Morning Show here and read the full arti

Party idea: The wine comes to you!!
August 08, 2023

On today's Moody on the Market update, we talked about a new business venture in Southwest Michigan where you can schedule a wine tasting event, where the wine comes to you! It highlights local wines and can include charcuterie boards, too!See omnystudio.

What's the future of Tiscornia Park?
August 07, 2023

Locals call it a hidden gem, others say it's a park that needs some updates. Up for debate is a new master plan for Tiscornia Park and whether the city should focus on a number of updates including a larger parking lot, a bigger gathering pavilion, a plac

Corewell Health closing community hospital near Grand Rapids
August 02, 2023

You can judge a lot about an organization by how they enter and exit a situation. Corewell Health has announced it will close a small hospital in the community of Lakeview, Northeast of Grand Rapids. The closure of Kelsey Hospital will come in October. He

Yellow Corporation's trucks stop hauling
August 01, 2023

Thousands of semi-trailers and 33,000 workers, including drivers, are idled across the country as Yellow Corp. shut down its US trucking operations Monday. What does the move mean for business in SW Michiganespecially small and medium businesses?See omn

Something's really Sweet in Three Oaks...
July 31, 2023

Talk about mouth watering... theres a new food-oriented mural on the side of a building in Three Oaks! Painted on the side of Sweet on Elm, a new candy and ice cream store at 15 North Elm Street, is a depiction of a cabinet full of old-fashioned candy ja

Positive Retail Sales Outlook for Michigan
July 27, 2023

In today's Moody On The Market update, we look at the June retail index in Michigan. The survey shows positive signs during a challenging time and the outlook is positive. Want us to investigate something you're hearing about? Send us a news tip today at

See what they're digging up in Niles, Michigan!
July 26, 2023

Set for August 5 will be a Fort St. Joseph Archaeology Open House in Niles. Niles History Center Director Christina Arseneau tells us Fort St. Joseph, located along the St. Joseph River, was built by the French in 1691. The open house will be August 5 fr