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Mommy Jammies

Recovering from Burnout | Tips to Turn Things Around

March 07, 2019

Recovering from Burnout | Tips from a work at home mom to get back in your business after burnout
Have you ever experienced a fast-track to success only to discover yourself burnt out? That's where I found myself and this podcast about is how I turned things around.

* Fast track to business success in the Virtual Assistant world
* Where I've been the last five months
* How I got back in my business

Dealing with Your Business Brain
"If you're overwhelmed, I know one thing about you. Your head is full of junk!" - Mel Robbins

* Business coach
* Pray about it
* Brain Dump
* Prioritize it (Warren Buffet's 5/25 rule)

Action Creates Momentum

* Creating new habits
* Keeping promises to yourself
* Ditching toxicity