The Momcult Podcast

The Momcult Podcast

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Jimmy Stewart, Carrot Top & All the Badass Mothers
May 18, 2022

Joy and Sarah interview their 1st pregnant mom, Katie Schecter! She talks about her crazy pregnancy dreams, swollen feet, and the illusion of feeling ready.

After the Episode with Jenny Black: Sarah & Cathey
April 27, 2022

Jenny joins Sarah and Joy to swoon over the twins’ incredible story of true love. Jenny updates us on how her Ted Talk went.

The Big C, Surrogacy, and Ryan Gosling
April 20, 2022

Joy and Sarah sit down with Joy’s twin cousins who share their cancer and surrogacy journey with us.

After the Episode with Jenny Black: Haylee Young
March 23, 2022

Joy, Sarah and Jenny talk about the idea of the “right-sized” anger as well as some dirty-facting on the Buddhist concept of The Watcher and The Doer as it pertains to mom guilt.

“I Don’t Give A Sh*t!”
March 16, 2022

Sarah and Joy are joined by nurse practitioner and mother of one, Haylee Young. They get into the difficulty of transitions, pushing boundaries, and the struggle of finding your way back to yourself a

After the Episode with Jenny Black: Tyler Gilstrap
February 23, 2022

Licensed therapist Jenny Black joins to discuss the haziness of Mom Guilt and a hack for teach consequences.

Dark Days, Dirty-Facting and Simple Self-Care
February 16, 2022

Choreographer and more importantly Joy’s neighbor, Tyler shares her brief journey through IVF, her love of being pregnant, and the difficulty to remain creative as a mom let alone during a pandemic.

After the Episode without Jenny Black: Caitlin Mello
January 26, 2022

Joy and Sarah find themselves without marriage and family therapist Jenny Black but still manage to reflect on their chat with Caitlin Mello.

The Grass is Greener Where You Water It
January 19, 2022

A single mom from day one, Caitlin Mello joins Sarah and Joy to share her unexpected journey into motherhood and how she’s continued to pave her own path ever since.

After the Episode with Jenny Black: Julia Vega
December 16, 2021

Discussing the Momcult episode with Julia Vega, all about processing grief, managing expectations and the fingerprints our moms leave behind on us.