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Episode VII - The Force Awakens: "That's not how the force works."
September 08, 2017

After a very long break, we're back! We briefly discuss our absence from the pod which leads into an episode we originally recorded back in January 2016 about The Force Awakens. The good, the bad, the not really great is all discussed here at Moisture...

Episode VII - The Phantom Menace: "Revenge of the cyst."
December 14, 2015

This week, fans and non-fans collide! Special guest Lynda Tierney (who has never seen a Star Wars movie in its entirety) joins us to talk about childhood crushes, watch some trailers, and answer trivia questions about a universe she knows...

Episode VI - Return of the Jedi: "I recently bought an iPod NaNOOOOOOooo!"
December 07, 2015

We're back, and we have a new young padawan in our midst... local nerd-about-town slash Star Wars superfan Tomas Wittrup! Cozy up in your favourite Ewok PJs and let us regale you with stories from Vegas, theories about intergalactic toilet...

Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back - "Melts in your mouth, not in your hand."
November 09, 2015

In this very special episode we talk about The Empire Strikes Back... but more importantly, we continue our extensive breakdown of why we're classy, find out who's the bigger "bro", and invent a new kind of Snuggie that doubles as a blazer (patent...

Episode IV - A New Hope: "I have a bad feeling aboot this."
October 26, 2015

Holy womp rats, we're finally gonna talk about Star Wars! In this very special episode, we go BALLS DEEP (figuratively) into Episode IV: A New Hope, breaking down our favourite scenes in excruciating detail and asking all the hard hitting hypothetical...

Episode III - American Graffiti: "Luke, where's my car?"
October 13, 2015

American Graffiti had it all... hot rods, the Beach Boys, undercover Han Solo, underaged drinking… what a neato time to be a teen! Join us on a cruise down to the hop, where we’ll break down George Lucas’ second feature film in...

Episode II - THX 1138: "Georgie Poo loves little people."
October 05, 2015

Long before the warm, fuzzy ewoks of Star Wars, Georgie Poo’s little brain gave birth to a dystopian underground bunker full of drug-addled slaves, self-aware holograms and sperm-extracting robots. Hooray! Join us as we get all kinds of weird...

Episode I - Young George Lucas: “There gyozas the neighbourhood.”
September 28, 2015

Our countdown to The Force Awakens begins! In the series premiere, we dive deep into Georgie Poo’s early years. So settle in, grab a Snickers™ and get ready to know way, way too much about us... and Star Wars.