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Bonus: A Meditation During The Coronavirus Crisis
March 17, 2020

Today's invitation is to center ourselves down in this Psalm 42, breathing meditation during the Coronavirus crisis. You can come back to this meditation daily or as often as you need it. The goal is to notice and engage the following: your breath, your c

Days 8, 9 & 10: Soul Care Narrative - The Goal, The Impact, Perception, and Momentum
January 06, 2020

Welcome to Days 8, 9 & 10 of your Soul Care Narrative. I'm integrating these three days to wrap up season five.  I'm transitioning to hibernate into my winter sabbatical to write my next book—a 3-volume Bible study, a love story inspired by an u

Day 7: Soul Care Narrative - Outcomes
December 31, 2019

Welcome to Day 7 of your Soul Care Narrative. On Day 6, we wrote about the role of creativity in our soul care narrative. Today's invitation is to pay close attention to two outcomes: 1.  the short-term outcome of creativity's invitation and interve

Christmas Edition: The Simple Act of Breathing
December 24, 2019

The Spirit comes in the simple act of breathing. The ordinariness of breathing reminds me of the Spirit’s constant presence. Where there is breath, there is life. --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:

Day 6: Soul Care Narrative - Creativity, Activity & Intervention
December 13, 2019

Welcome to Day 6 of your Soul Care Narrative. Today's invitation is to get curious about the activity or intervention in your personal story that has opened you up to creativity (creativity = paying attention to how you engage your artful life). The Writ

Day 5: Soul Care Narrative - The Antagonist + Context
December 02, 2019

Welcome to Day 5 of your Soul Care Narrative. Today's invitation is to be attentive to what your context reveals about your antagonist.  By context, we're looking at the inhospitable life circumstances, which form the setting for our soul care narra

Day 4: Soul Care Narrative - The Protagonist
November 13, 2019

Welcome to Day 4 of your Soul Care Narrative. Today's invitation is to be attentive to who the protagonists are in our stories, some stories have more than one. In your story, make sure you include yourself as a protagonist because you are also an agent o

Day 3: Soul Care Narrative - Your Storyboard
November 06, 2019

Welcome to Day 3 of your Soul Care Narrative, SOULjourner! In days 1 and 2, we have acknowledged and affirmed the language of abundant goodness upon ourselves, as we examined our 3-part "ortho" lens.  Today’s invitation is to write down the story we

Days 1 & 2: Soul Care Narrative - There Is Enough Good + Ortho Intro
October 29, 2019

Welcome to Days 1 and 2, SOULjourner! Truth is a language. Let's make it our mother tongue.  As souls who write, we must commit ourselves to truthful language that delights and detoxes. Today’s invitation is to guide us to acknowledge and affirm the

Introduction - Soul Care Narrative Preparation
October 28, 2019

Hello, Beautiful SOULjourner. Your writing soul is welcomed here! Writing looks different for each of us because of the sacred soul stories from which we live.  The soul is the whole of the person, the unity of the body, organs and breath. It is not