Mohawkmomma Soul

Mohawkmomma Soul

Day 14 | Walk in The Word Bible Study Series

August 03, 2020

We are in the lament portion of our Healing and Held devotion. In this episode, "Why" is our lament. 

Today's episode is dedicated to the grieving community of El Paso, Tx after one year since the massacre at the local Wal-Mart. Together, let's notice, nurture, and embody lament. We are moving in radical self-care, healing, and meditation as we take it to the outdoors and walk for justice and joy. And for my sistahs whose physical walk is limited or absent, you are blessed and highly favored—unquestionably, we all have a 'heart walk' that awaits us.

Whether in our triumphs or trials, we can reimagine ourselves in our ongoing healing as we choose redemptive resistance to anything that doesn't flow from the heart of the Beloved Redeemer—Yeshua.

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