Mohawkmomma Soul

Mohawkmomma Soul

Day 7: Soul Care Narrative - Outcomes

December 31, 2019

Welcome to Day 7 of your Soul Care Narrative. On Day 6, we wrote about the role of creativity in our soul care narrative. Today's invitation is to pay close attention to two outcomes:

1.  the short-term outcome of creativity's invitation and intervention in our story - this could be a shift in your attitude (orthodoxy), your feeling (orthopathy), or your behavior (orthopraxy).

2. the long-term outcome outcome... 'And because of that' short-term outcome, you not only become a willing recipient, you become a willing  conduit of something transformative and sustaining. In your journaling guide, you'll turn this part of your narrative into a manifesto — a  declaration of your God-given vision (the type of world that you dream about and wish to create). Begin your manifesto with, "I will..."

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Remember, you are more than a writer, you are a soul who writes. Together let's pay attention to our soul care narrative from the inside out. I am here to awaken and guide you to notice, nurture, and embody the art and activism of soul care.

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