Mohawkmomma Soul

Mohawkmomma Soul

Days 1 & 2: Soul Care Narrative - There Is Enough Good + Ortho Intro

October 29, 2019

Welcome to Days 1 and 2, SOULjourner! Truth is a language. Let's make it our mother tongue.  As souls who write, we must commit ourselves to truthful language that delights and detoxes. Today’s invitation is to guide us to acknowledge and affirm the language of abundant goodness upon ourselves as we examine a 3-part "ortho" language. Ortho means  straight, aligned, correct:

Orthopraxy - "what you do" (actions/practices)
Orthopathy - "what you feel" - (feelings/emotion)
Orthodoxy - "what you believe" - (thoughts/attitudes)

Sharing Is Caring

What did you discover about your ortho language? Post it wherever you are on social media. Follow and use #soulcareclassroom. Not on social media? Email it to someone and/or send a text.
We are on a journey to give TO ourselves as much as we give OF ourselves!

Classroom resources:

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Intro Video

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The soul is the whole of the person, the unity of the body, organs and breath. It is not some immaterial spiritual entity, it is you, all of you, your whole being or self. This podcast episode is to serve as the prep work for the Write Your Soul Care Narrative, a FREE 10-day online course.

Remember, you are more than a writer, you are a soul who writes. Together let's pay attention to our soul care narrative from the inside out. I am here to awaken and guide you to notice, nurture, and embody the art and activism of soul care.

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