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Episode 185: Exodus Preaching, with Kenyatta Gilbert
October 01, 2019

My guest is Kenyatta Gilbert. His newest book is "Exodus Preaching: Crafting Sermons about Justice and Hope." Exodus Preaching is the first of its kind. It is an exploration of the African American prophetic rhetorical traditions in a manner that makes fe

Episode 184: What Does It Feel Like to Die?, with Jennie Dear
September 30, 2019

My guest is Jennie Dear. Her new book is "What Does It Feel Like to Die?: Inspiring New Insights into the Experience of Dying." As a long-time hospice volunteer, Jennie Dear has helped countless patients, families, and caregivers cope with the many challe

Episode 183: How Reason Can Lead to God, with Joshua Rasmussen
September 29, 2019

My guest is Joshua Rasmussen. His newest book is "How Reason Can Lead to God: A Philosopher's Bridge to Faith." Do you seek the truth? Do you value reason, science, and independent thinking? Are you skeptical of beliefs that people maintain merely "on fai

Episode 182: Why Church, with Scott Sunquist
September 25, 2019

My guest is Scott Sunquist. His newest book is "Why Church: A Basic Introduction." Is a church just something we create to serve our purposes or to maintain old traditions? Or is it something more vital, more meaningful, and more powerful? This can be har

Episode 181: Up In Arms, with John Temple
September 24, 2019

My guest is John Temple. His newest book is "Up in Arms: How the Bundy Family Hijacked Public Lands, Outfoxed the Federal Government, and Ignited America’s Patriot Militia Movement." "Up in Arms" chronicles how an isolated clan of desert-dwelling Mormons

Episode 180: Walter Kaufmann: Philosopher, Humanist, Heretic, with Stanley Corngold
September 24, 2019

My guest is Stanley Corngold. His new book is "Walter Kaufmann: Philosopher, Humanist, Heretic." Walter Kaufmann (1921–1980) was a charismatic philosopher, critic, translator, and poet who fled Nazi Germany at the age of eighteen, emigrating alone to the

Episode 179: The Art of Less Doing, with Ari Meisel
September 19, 2019

My guest is Ari Meisel. Ari is the best-selling author of “The Art of Less Doing“, and “The Replaceable Founder.” He is a self-described Overwhelmologist whose insights into personal and professional productivity have earned him the title, “The Guru’s Gur

Episode 178: Love Over Fear, with Dan White Jr.
September 17, 2019

My guest is Dan White Jr. His new book is "Love over Fear: Facing Monsters, Befriending Enemies, and Healing Our Polarized World." Whether it's the news, social media, or well-intentioned friends, we're told daily to fear "others." We fear strangers, neig

Episode 177: Sacred and Profane Love, with Jennifer Frey
September 15, 2019

My guest is Jennifer Frey. She teaches at the University of South Carolina, and hosts The Virtue Blog and the philosophy and literature podcast, Sacred and Profane Love. She writes about virtue, action, practical reason, and what it might mean to live wel

Episode 175: Two Guys Talk Chesterton in New York City, with David Shields
August 31, 2019

My guest is David Shields. In this episode we talk about G.K. Chesterton and his insights into the human condition on a beautiful hotel patio in New York City.