The MixxedNutzz Podcast

The MixxedNutzz Podcast

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Episode 37 – Discussing Performance Anxiety with Lupe & Micha
January 07, 2022

So in this episode we discuss the topic of performance anxiety, specifically limp dicks. Not really sure how much of an issue this is generally in the Swinger Lifestyle, but we've run across this phe

Episode 36 – Cruising Has Returned, Part 2
December 06, 2021

Back with Part 2, we continue our discussion and cover the following: Day 4 Theme Party: Glo-NiteDay 5 Theme Party: Fetish NiteMeeting Ed & Phoebe from Swinger University PodcastPlaying with a Bu

Episode 35 – Cruising has Returned, Part 1
November 30, 2021

Cruising is BACK!!! Join us as we discuss our Bliss Cruise experience this time around.... Topics of discussion in this episode: Pre-Cruise EventsBoarding DayMeet and GreetsReconnecting with

Episode 34 – OnlyFans with Big Booty and Beast!!
October 18, 2021

In this episode we interview Dan & Peaches, swingers who have journeyed into the world of OnlyFans. Listen as they tell us their thought process behind making the jump to OF and tips on being success

Episode 33 – Splash Mocha 2021 (WOW!!!)
September 10, 2021

Lessons learned from our 1st experience in 2019 were definitely applied this time around. We both had a blast, no disappointments this time around. Listen to what we have to say about our experience

Episode 32 – Vanilla State of Mind: PineappleLYFE™
September 02, 2021

Listen as we encounter not one, but two, "vanilla" (or non-lifestyle) persons on recent journeys to Lifestyle establishments. Were we able to convert them? Were they able to "Live Your Fantasy Every