The MixxedNutzz Podcast

The MixxedNutzz Podcast

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Episode 34 – OnlyFans with Big Booty and Beast!!
October 18, 2021

In this episode we interview Dan & Peaches, swingers who have journeyed into the world of OnlyFans. Listen as they tell us their thought process behind making the jump to OF and tips on being success

Episode 33 – Splash Mocha 2021 (WOW!!!)
September 10, 2021

Lessons learned from our 1st experience in 2019 were definitely applied this time around. We both had a blast, no disappointments this time around. Listen to what we have to say about our experience

Episode 32 – Vanilla State of Mind: PineappleLYFE™
September 02, 2021

Listen as we encounter not one, but two, "vanilla" (or non-lifestyle) persons on recent journeys to Lifestyle establishments. Were we able to convert them? Were they able to "Live Your Fantasy Every

Episode 27 – Brenda’s Corner: Introducing Carnivale Risque
September 25, 2020

For additional information about Tank and Goddess Ellez, please visit their site at