The Mixology Talk Podcast: Better Bartending and Making Great Drinks

The Mixology Talk Podcast: Better Bartending and Making Great Drinks

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Tiki, the Post-Prohibition "Craft" Cocktail with Beachbum Berry
June 23, 2020

Welcome back, and happy June! This month, we are talking all about tiki. And who better to talk to than , author of seven tiki cocktail books, owner of in New Orleans, and all-around expert in all things tiki?

The Art of Non-Alcoholic Cocktails, Learning from Seedlip
May 26, 2020

Who better to learn from than the best known non-alcoholic spirits brand? Laura Lashley, the National Education manager for Seedlip, is joining us on the podcast to help us learn all about the art of non-alcoholic cocktails.

Inventing the Impossible: Creating Non-Alcoholic Amaro with Jason La Valla
May 12, 2020

Wish you could drink Amaro at work? Listen in as we chat with the founder of Casamara Club on how he created an “Amaro” soft drink - without alcohol!

How to Launch a To-Go Cocktail Program, an Interview with Chris Elford from Navy Strength
April 14, 2020 Today, Chris is talking with bar owner Chris Elford (yes, another Chris!) about a new way bars are serving their community, through to-go cocktail programs. Depending on your state’s current laws, this to-go service...

Advanced Beer Cocktails: Reductions, Compatible Flavors, and More with Nicole Barker
March 25, 2020

  Ever wonder how to work beer flavor into your cocktails? This podcast has some incredible ideas from the basic to the very advanced!

Beer Cocktail Basics with Chris Krause
March 11, 2020 We’re discussing all things beer cocktails! From how to get started if you want to offer beer cocktails on your drink menu to tips and tricks to elevate your cocktail service.

Colors & Cocktails, Part 1: Ingredients & Techniques for Red Cocktails with Pastry Chef Bella Jatzo
February 27, 2020

Who better to ask about colors in cocktails than pastry chefs? Learn their tips, tricks & techniques for adding beautiful color - in and out of the glass.

Cocktail & Bar Trends for 2020
February 14, 2020 What’s new in the world of craft cocktails and hospitality? We asked a few thousand bartenders and here’s what they said.

Sugar alternatives - Interview with a food scientist about all things sweet
January 23, 2020

Who better to ask about the nitty gritty details of sugar substitutes than a food scientist? Zach Gooding is an expert in all things sweet. Join us to learn all about sugars (and alternative sugars) and how to use them in your next cocktail.

The Impossible Task: How to make “No Carb” Cocktails that Actually Taste Good
January 10, 2020 Going low carb for January? Don’t despair! Listen in for some ideas for “no carb” cocktails and tips for making “no sugar” simple syrups as well.