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A Very Important Announcement!
March 21, 2022

http://www.abarabove.com/podcast Chris & Julia have a big announcement today– Tune in to hear all about the future of A Bar Above and what we’re currently working on!

Diversity in the Hospitality Workplace with Tiffanie Barriere
March 07, 2022

http://www.abarabove.com/podcast Come along on a journey of learning as Chris talks with bartender, beverage director, author, and advocate Tiffanie Barriere about inclusion and diversity in the hospi

Women-Owned Spirit Brands with Morgan McLachlan
February 21, 2022

http://www.abarabove.com/podcast Join us as Julia talks with master distiller and co-founder of AMASS Gin, Morgan McLauchlan, about the art and hard work of distilling & about being a woman in the spi

Celebrating Black-Owned Spirit Companies With Sean McCloud
February 07, 2022

http://www.abarabove.com/podcast We’re talking with A Taste of the Culture founder Sean McCloud about how to celebrate Black-owned spirits companies, the hurdles smaller companies face, and the import

A Candid Interview About Addiction with Dr. Judy Grisel
January 24, 2022

http://www.abarabove.com/podcast Today, Chris is having a serious, important conversation with former addict and neuropharmacologist, Dr. Judy Grisel about drug and alcohol addiction to better underst

What Happens to Your Body When You Stop Drinking Alcohol for 30 Days? With Dr. Fisher
January 10, 2022

http://www.abarabove.com/podcast Learn from Dr. Joe Fisher, founder of SOBAR, about how alcohol affects your body, how food consumption changes your alcohol absorption, and the benefits of not drinkin

11 Ways to Support Bartenders During the Holidays
December 20, 2021

http://www.abarabove.com/podcast Learn what bartenders really want this holiday season! Whether you’re a bar owner or a regular customer, Chris & Julia lead you through what the bartenders in our Craf

Holiday Cocktails with Sother Teague
December 06, 2021

http://www.abarabove.com/podcast Wondering what to drink this holiday season? Chris is talking with beverage director, bartender, author, and podcast host Sother Teague about Christmas cocktails that

Whiskey Cocktails with Snehal D'cunha
November 15, 2021

http://www.abarabove.com/podcast Learn all about whiskey cocktails and unique flavor combinations from cocktail enthusiast and Instagram influencer, Snehal D’cunha.

The Basics of Whiskey with Samara Davis
November 01, 2021

http://www.abarabove.com/podcast Come learn all about whiskey types-- from Irish whiskey to bourbon-- and the best whiskey brands to try with Samara Davis of Black Bourbon Society!