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Senecio Robotics: Using AI & Robotics to Help Rid the World of Mosquitos
July 14, 2020

In this well-timed podcast (given that Massachusetts is expecting a very high rate of mosquito-borne EEE cases) you'll learn more about Startup Spotlight 2020 Week #2 winner, Hanan Lepek CEO of Senecio Robotics and the important work they're doing to h...

Tracelinks from Cambridge Blockchain is Helping Employers Manage Workplace Health Risks With Data Privacy in Mind
June 17, 2020

The team from Cambridge Blockchain has been dedicated to giving control of personal data back to users while delivering the benefits of trusted, distributed identity to both consumers and organizations. They first focused their efforts on blockchain-ba...

Solutions for Manufacturing Your Electronic Ideas
June 05, 2020

What does it take to bring a product, like a medical device, from prototype to production?  For many companies, especially startups, figuring out manufacturing and supply chain issues is a big hurdle and there are often important considerations that ar...

Avner Halperin on Pivots, Diversity, Sustainability and the Future of Medical AI
June 02, 2020

Avener Halperin is a veteran high tech executive. He has served in several senior management positions including CEO of Emmunet, VP Marketing at Radcom (NASDAQ: RDCM), and VP of Business Development at Lenslet.

Making use of “Extra Time” to Expand the Connected Things Convo
March 23, 2020

The best-laid plans often go they say. Today is March 23, 2020, the day we were SUPPOSED to be at the MIT Media Lab hosting 100’s of people at our annual Connected Things 2020 Conference. But instead of having a cocktail ?

Evolv Technology is Securing Venues Using Innovative New Sensors and Advanced AI
March 03, 2020

Evolv Technology adds a layer of physical security for venues using connected AI and edge processing methods. In this Connected Things 2020 preview podcast, we chat with Michael Ellenbogen, Founder & Head of Advanced Technology, Evolv Technology,

Trend Spotting from Very’s Industrial and Consumer IoT Deployments
February 22, 2020

Very offers end-to-end IoT development that helps Enterprise/Industrial and Consumer brands bring IoT solutions to life. In this podcast interview, Mark Thirman, MIT Enterprise Forum Cambridge's Connected Things 2020 Conference chair chats will Bill B...

Gabi Zijderveld, Affectiva’s CMO on Humanizing Tech with Emotion AI
January 26, 2020

In this Connected Things 2020 podcast preview we chat with Affectiva’s CMO Gabi Zijderveld about their pioneering work in Emotion AI & Human Perception AI.

Securing Devices & Networks for the Future Growth of IoT
January 24, 2019

Joel Bagnal is the President and Chief Operating Officer of Vericlave, Inc., a cybersecurity company focused on offering customers a highly differentiated national security grade solution that conceals networks and prevents hacks against critical asset...

This is your TV on (Disruptive) IoT
January 10, 2019

Bill Baxter, the CTO of VIZIO