Missing Kingdom (podcast)

Missing Kingdom  (podcast)

Latest Episodes

Episode 9: We're all gonna die eventually...
December 06, 2015

An end of life discussion, the Jeffesode.

Episode 8: Root beer and the 4 Cs
November 29, 2015

Curious Christian Cultural Commentaries

Episode 7: The Chad and 10-5-3-1
November 15, 2015

We discuss favorite albums, books, bible passages and food.

Episode 6: Generation Ex-Christian
November 08, 2015

Why do young people leave the church and how do we help prevent it?

Episode 5: Addiction: Brad, Bono and Beer
November 04, 2015

A talk about addiction medicine (and dropping U2 lyrics)

We're back next week: Bonus episode
October 25, 2015

Let the Children Come

Episode 4: chocolate, megachurches and guns
October 19, 2015

Episode 4 with Drew, Anthony, Andrew and Kevin. Recorded at Harvest Christian Church, Troutdale, OR.

Episode 3: Meet Drew
October 10, 2015

Vocation: does God have a specific job for you?

Bonus Episode! Interview with John Thompson
October 09, 2015

Author of Jesus Bread and Chocolate

Episode 2
October 04, 2015

Missing the theology of the Kingdom: New Earth with Andrew