Mind Munchies By Kerry The Visionary

Mind Munchies By Kerry The Visionary

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EP 40 A Friend Indeed
February 15, 2016

Sorry My Roomates Were Playing Music (:

EP 39 Trip to London and Paris
February 11, 2016

An in depth recap of a once in a lifetime opportunity. Also a sneak peak at what is coming from 557inspired. Featured guest for this show is Buddy Jones. Also check out the website at 557inspired.com and my new website kerryhartley.com

EP 38 Getting Your Ducks In A Row
January 14, 2016

  Episode 38 Getting Your Ducks In A Row Quote by Benjamin Franklin: “If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail!” Some of my successes and failures at this point The big benefits

EP 37 Trust But Verify Grandma’s Big Saying What It Means To Me
January 01, 2016

Trust But Verify Grandma’s Big Saying What It Means To Me

EP 36 Teacher Tribute
January 01, 2016

Anderson [ Dr.Minehart] KMS [ Ms. Hall, Ms. Mcdonald, Mr. White, Ms.Newman, Mr.Walker, Dr.Johnson, Mr.Forester] RHS [ Coach Rhine , Coach Lusk, Coach Sebetka, Snr.Hunt, Ms.Brown, Ms.Kearns, Ms. Moore, Ms. Kalagua, Ms. Insalaco, Ms.Fleming,...

EP 35 My Testimony
January 01, 2016

My Testimony Rockledge Christian X-Factor Mezz DCC / Refugee  

EP 34 First Winter Break Back
January 01, 2016

First Winter Break Back The feeling of love in the countdown county The Passion to give back The reminiscing It refuels me

EP 33 The Big Transfer
January 01, 2016

  The Big Transfer   Chemistry retake experience My Uncle moving in The bigger Move Out experience

File Progress EP 32 College Student Government Association
January 01, 2016

College Student Government Association The experience with being apart of leadership training the transition from “I don’t trust anyone” to “We’re family” Being vulnerable and getting out their Who was this...

EP 31 I'm the Dj (my first gig)
January 01, 2016

I'm the Dj (my first gig)  Devin's Birthday party Conversation with Devin