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328: Be Your Sales Manager’s Wingman
January 31, 2023

Want to gain more respect from your sales leader this year? - Send them a weekly update on your business. - Here's how - Every week, send your manager (and exec sales leader if you're feeling it) an e

327: Sell More In Less Time
January 23, 2023

If we all have 24 hours, why do some people get SO MUCH stuff done? In this episode, I break down my 4 step process to sell more in less time. If you enjoy the podcast, would you please consider leavi

326: My Big Announcement
January 09, 2023

My big announcement of launching TA Sales and The Revenue Lab FULL-TIME! - If you enjoy the podcast, would you please consider leaving a short review on Spotify or Apple Podcasts? - It takes less than

325: A High-Growth Sales Career w/ Todd Busler, Co-founder Champify
November 28, 2022

In this episode, I talk to Todd Busler about his high-growth sales career. - He started as a Sales Engineer at SAP, was one of the first reps at Square and then bet on himself as the first GTM hire at

324: Vacations, “Dead Zones” and Creating Momentum
November 18, 2022

In this episode, I talk about creating momentum in your sales career and how to treat vacations and "dead times" around the holidays. - This episode of the Millennial Sales Podcasst is sponsored by Do

323: Justin Welsh, The Minimalist Entrepreneur
August 31, 2022

Justin Welsh is the founder of JW Strategic Advisory. Prior to that, Justin spent a decade in sales and leadership positions. After a few failed efforts, Justin landed at ZocDoc helped to grow it into

322: What Entrepreneurship Is REALLY Like w/ Will Ballance, CEO at Lavender
August 24, 2022

Will Ballance is the co-founder and CEO of Lavender, a software that helps salespeople write better emails. Prior to that, he he held numerous sales and sales leadership roles. - In this episode, we d

321: The Story Behind Morgan J Ingram (Throwback)
August 17, 2022

This is a replay of episode 64 with Morgan J Ingram. - Morgan J Ingramis on a mission. Inspired by a fate-driven conversation on a Southwest Airlines flight in 2016, Morgan is striving towards his l

320: Making Sales More Inclusive w/ Leslie Venetz
August 10, 2022

Leslie Venetz is the Founder of Sales Team Builder, LLC and has spent nearly two decades in sales and leadership roles. - In this episode, we discuss: Leslie's first sales job How Leslie was closin

319: Tim Dorris, CRO at Stensul
August 03, 2022

Tim Dorris is the CRO of Stensul and has been in sales and sales leadership for over a decade in SaaS. This conversation is a crossover from the Pavilion Podcast. - In this episode, we discuss: How T