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225: Kyle Lacy, CMO of Lessonly
May 12, 2021

Kyle Lacy is the Chief Marketing Officer at Lessonly. In this conversation, we talk about why Marketing owns the SDR function at Lessonly, how to run your business like an entrepreneur, and how reading military history helps Kyle with perspective. -

224: Stefan Thom – Every Sales Call Is A Customer Success Call
May 10, 2021

Stefan Thom is an Account Executive at ProductPlan. We talk about Stefan's recent promotion from SDR to AE and Stefan shares his theory on why every sales call is really a customer success call. - If you enjoy the podcast,

223: Mark Kosoglow – VP Sales, Outreach on Creative Selling
May 05, 2021

Mark Kosoglow is the VP Sales at and one of the most well-respected leaders in SaaS sales. Mark absolutely crushed it on this episode and I have been a longtime admirer of his work. - In this episode,

222: Katie Thomas, High Tech Enterprise AE at Salesforce
May 03, 2021

Katie Thomas is an Enterprise Account Executive at Salesforce. In this episode, Katie and I discuss how to trust yourself, her journey into sales and how Salesforce helps her to become the best version of herself as a seller and person. -

221: Kevin “KD” Dorsey – VP Inside Sales, PatientPop and Top LinkedIn Sales Voice
April 28, 2021

Kevin Dorsey is the VP Inside Sales at PatientPop. His long list of awards includes being named a top LinkedIn Sales Voice, Sales Development Exec of the Year and Salesforce Top Sales Influencer to Follow. -

220: Liz Lee – Overly Passionate, Perpetually Curious, Constantly Exploring
April 26, 2021

Liz Lee is a Senior Sales Director at Optimize.Health and was formerly the Sr. Director of Inside Sales at PatientPop. Liz joined the podcast to talk about transitioning from account to sales, how mentorship has helped her career and why energy is such...

219: Selling Wine, Moving Abroad and How To Handle Your Money with Pat DuChene, VP Sales at
April 21, 2021

Pat DuChene is the VP Sales at She was formerly one of the first sales hires at Wrike, helping them grow for nearly 7 years and opened up their EMEA presence in Dublin, Ireland. - Pat and I have a wide-ranging conversation about her childho...

218: The Second Scroll
April 19, 2021

This is a solo episode where I break down the second scroll from the book, The Greatest Salesman in the World by Og Mandino. - If you enjoy the podcast, would you please consider leaving a short review on Apple Podcasts?

217: Christopher Williams, Founder of Sales Huddle
April 14, 2021

Christopher Williams is the founder of Sales Huddle, a peer-to-peer virtual mastermind group for top professional salespeople to get regular, actionable advice and feedback on specific sales challenges they are facing from trusted salespeople outside o...

216: Mari Fletcher, Sales Manager at Greenlight Guru
April 12, 2021

Mari Fletcher is the Global Sales Manager at Greenlight Guru. In this episode, we talk about Mari's cross-country move during the pandemic, how she chose the right leadership team to work for and any tips for first-time sales managers. -