The Mike Mantell Podcast

The Mike Mantell Podcast

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MMP #13 Healing Through Shadow Theater with Joshua Falcon-Grey
March 02, 2019

Joshua Falcon-Grey is a role playing expert, assisting people in awakening to deeper realities through Immersive Theater Stories. He is also a New Earth teacher, clarity consultant, filmmaker, author, and speaker.

MMP #12 BDSM As A Spiritual Path with Cleo Dubois
February 23, 2019

Cleo is a BDSM coach, ritualist and personal trainer in the kinky arts. She knows consensual erotic power exchanges to be a valid path to self-discovery, intimacy, and healing for those called to explore their kinky desires.

MMP #11 Building The Connection Movement with Amy Silverman
February 16, 2019

Amy is committed to bringing people together through play, connection, self-expression and creativity. Her passion for human connection, growth and community led her to establish and grow The Connection Movement,

MMP #10 Wonder More and Suffer Less with Cory Allen
February 08, 2019

Cory is an author, podcast host, meditation teacher, and audio engineer from Austin. On his podcast The Astral Hustle, he discusses how to live better with leading experts in mindfulness, neuroscience, and philosophy.

MMP #9 Sacred Sexuality – An Updated Paradigm with Justin Patrick Pierce
February 01, 2019

Founder of Sacred, Justin Patrick Pierce works with select spiritual teachers and coaches to help them master their craft and bring their work to the world. As an international spiritual intimacy teacher and co-author of The Awakened Women’s Guide to E...

MMP #8 Secrets to Breaking Plateaus with Chris Sparks
January 24, 2019

As founder of The Forcing Function, Chris is the right-hand man to dozens of successful entrepreneurs, giving them the systems they need to multiply their productivity and maximize their effectiveness.  After years of deconstructing and distilling the ...

MMP #7 Thoughtleadership, Adventures, and Charisma with Derek Loudermilk
January 17, 2019

Derek Loudermilk is a Professional Adventurer, Bestselling Author, Speaker, Digital Nomad, Business Coach, Father, founder of AdventureQuest Travel, and Host of The Art of Adventure Podcast. He’s committed to helping people make their lives the most am...

MMP #6 Custom-Design Your Relationships and Reality with Arielle Brown
December 24, 2018

Arielle Brown is a coach and facilitator with a focus on embodied intelligence and transparent communication skills. She helps people to connect with their authentic desires and boundaries so they can build relationships and realities that support thei...

MMP #5 Living at The Teeth of The Wind with Ernest Morrow
December 24, 2018

Ernest Morrow is a catalyst. His medicine is to support, provoke, love, tease, hold, guide, and do whatever else it takes for you to open your heart and receive the blessing of your own life. His love is fierce and tender and his teachings are sacred a...

MMP #4 Creativity, Style, and The Divine with Archan Nair
December 23, 2018

Archan Nair is a self- taught visual artist, illustrator and Digital Artist, specialising in mixed media, illustration, and digital art based out of Berlin, Germany. His visual expressions are part of a journey which is really influenced by the mysteri...