Midnight Looms

Midnight Looms

Midnight Looms 058 – DJ HIGH VOLTAGE – BACK IN STUDIO – August 10th 2021

August 13, 2021

Tonight, we’ve got our first in-studio DJ set in 18 months. DJ ME TIME christened the space back in Feb of 2020, and then something weird happened to the world and we couldn’t do in-studio DJ sets for a while. Well, it’s finally time for them again, thanks to a wonderful little vaccine. Rechristening this space is an important task so we’ve employed a true veteran to do it. HIGH VOLTAGE is back on the program. We give him the second half-hour of the show to just flex on this really fancy lookin’ new DENON CONTROLLER that he’s brought along with him. You know our host, GOBS, is gonna get a proper demo from him after High Voltage drops a set of songs about freedom, celebrating our recent release from lockdown here in Ontario, Canada, where High Voltage is one of the most oldschool DJs in the game.
“You have top gain your experience through using the vinyl and through using the CDs, and entertaining a crowd, most of all. Learning what people like. This is just a toy on-top of that” - DJ High Voltage
This episode is one for the dance floor. Before High Voltage takes over, Gobs called up a TOP FAN of his favourite RETROWAVE band, ACTORS, and compliments their vibe with NEW MUSIC from BOOTBLACKS, COLD CONNECTION, PROVOKER, SOOK-YIN LEE, and ST. VINCENT.  Then he preps you for the DJ mix with FETISH PARTY TECH-HOUSE by FOOLIE and LSDXOXO. 
This episode concludes in the most fun possible way. An infamous DMC BOOTLEG version of NEW ORDER’s BLUE MONDAY from our host’s own VINYL collection, then a SAMPLE CHAIN exploration that features sounds from BLACK BOX, THE BROTHERS JOHNSON, LL COOL J, and DJ ZINC. All before chilling things out to send you gently into the night with EXPERIMENTAL excellence from O’HAARA and WORMWOOD. 
What a forkin’ ride!!!
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1. St. Vincent - Pay Your Way In Pain
2. Sook-Yin Lee & Adam Litovitz - Run Away With Her
3.Cold Connection - Seconds of Solitude - Burning Love

4. Provoker - Spell Strike