Midnight Looms

Midnight Looms

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Midnight Looms 071 – TOP 44 of 2021 – Pt 01 – December 21st 2021
December 24, 2021

This was a monumentally challenging year, but the music was amazing, so lets focus on that. We’re spending 2 full shows and half of our monthly CRAZY 88 SPOTIFY PLAYLIST to share with you what, our ho

Midnight Looms 070 – KRAMPUS BALL with SQUID LID – December 14th 2021
December 17, 2021

Tonight, we celebrate KRAMPUS. The dark side of Christmas. And we’re still in near disbelief about the guest we’ve got here to help us do it. If you live in Ontario, Canada, which is where we broadcas

Midnight Looms 069 – MERRY SINMAS with NIKKI SIN – December 7th 2021
December 09, 2021

This month we’re doing four full episodes of HOLIDAYS programming, but it’s Midnight Looms so it’s not gonna be the usual. We can promise you that. We’re gonna do the holidays OUR WAY. We’re gonna do

Midnight Looms 068 – DAY OF THE DEAD – November 2nd 2021
November 04, 2021

This broadcast happened to fall on the DAY OF THE DEAD so we decided to spend the entire episode doing something we don’t normally do. We’re gonna celebrate the lives and the music of great musicians

Midnight Looms 067 – HALLOWEEN SURPRISE PARTY – October 26th 2021
October 28, 2021

Our host, GOBS, lives for HALLOWEEN so our producer, Sophy, decided to throw them a SURPRISE PARTY in the form of Halloween song REQUESTS from our GUESTS. Tune in to hear spooky favourites from some o

Midnight Looms 066 – BAD WAITRESS – October 19th 2021
October 21, 2021

Alright who’s already in full HALLOWEEN mode? Show of hands :P Tonight we bring you a DIRTY ROCK N ROLL PARTY because there’s just something so fitting about filthy INDIE ROCK and Halloween. And we’ve

Midnight Looms 065 – COMIC BOOK WRITER: DANNY GORNY – October 12th 2021
October 14, 2021

WE LOVE HALLOWEEN. It’s the only holiday that we dedicate a full month to and that month starts tonight! We’re back inside our PLAYDEAD CULT studio space after a week off, still digesting food from Th

Midnight Looms 064 – MONOWHALES – September 28th 2021
October 02, 2021

This is gonna be a big show. In fact BIG is the theme for tonight. We’re focused on 2 things. The official launch of our new PATREON page and our special guests. Toronto INDIE POP sensations, MONOWHAL

Midnight Looms 063 – CLAIRMONT THE SECOND – September 21st 2021
September 23, 2021

Tonight, we’re gonna be opening up the REQUEST LINE and dropping this years SUMMER JAMS selected by YOU. And we’ve got a RAPPER coming through who’s just taking the game to the NEXT LEVEL. If you don’

Midnight Looms 062 – DAVE SHELLNUTT from BIKE BRIGADE – September 14th 2021
September 17, 2021

If you’re like us, you wanna do something to help out your community during these hard times, but money is tight. Well, tonight, we’re joined by a guy who was in the same boat so he started up an org