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Midnight Looms 049 – MCA DAY + MAY THE 4TH BE WITH YOU – May 4th 2021
May 05, 2021

It’s May 4th,  and Beastie Boy Stans know this day as MCA DAY. We’re gonna hit you with a big BEASTIE BOYS tribute. We also take care of the STAR WARS fans with some epic MASHUPS from the galaxy far far away.

Midnight Looms 048 – TEVA’S NIGHT – April 27 2021
April 28, 2021

Tonight, we spend a full 90 minutes paying tribute to our host’s real life hero, TEVA HARRISON, on the anniversary of her passing. Every song that you’re going to hear was suggested by someone who loved Teva and all of these songs remind them of her.

Midnight Looms 047 – 4/20 with ASHLEY CALIA from SOFA KING GOOD BAKERY – April 20 2021
April 22, 2021

With our guest, Ashley, covering Classics from the likes of VAN HALEN, STEPPENWOLF, PINK FLOYD, JETHRO TULL, DEEP PURPLE and DEF LEPPARD, our host, GOBS, explores fresh stoner friendly sounds from acts such as CARTEL MADRAS, EMMA BEKO, MADLIB,

Midnight Looms 046 – MAYA KILLTRON Home Performance – April 13 2021
April 16, 2021

What a way to end off a night! With a home performance from Toronto funkstress, MAYA KILLTRON. A first for this show! Maya is an accomplished violinist, incredible vocalist, 80s culture enthusiast, and she also has some connection with EGGO WAFFLES.

Midnight Looms 045 – THANYA IYER – April 6 2021
April 08, 2021

It’s good to be back! Five weeks off and now we’re thrilled to be back on air for our weekly JOURNEY-BY-DJ FOR ADVENTUROUS LATE-NIGHT MUSIC LOVERS. We have officially unlocked the next phase of this program. Tonight, for the first time,

Midnight Looms 044 – MARK OLIVER – February 23 2021
February 25, 2021

Tonight we’re celebrating an anniversary. 10 years ago, our host, GOBS, published an article that he wrote for Toronto’s seminal harm reduction org, TRIP (Toronto Raver Info Project). The article was on THE RISE AND FALL OF THE TORONTO RAVE SCENE,

Midnight Looms 043 – YVES JARVIS – February 16 2021
February 18, 2021

We have an amazing guest joining us tonight, via Zoom, from his home in Montreal. YVES JARVIS is on the show! If we had to describe his sound, we would say he makes “AVANTE-PSYCHEDELIC-FOLK-POP” but even that doesn’t quite describe it.

Midnight Looms 042 – PERFECTLY NORMAL HUMANS!? – February 9 2021
February 10, 2021

We broadcast from the province of Ontario, Canada, and only in Ontario we have a February holiday called FAMILY DAY. To celebrate, we’re breaking new ground by inviting an entire family on as guests. Two parents and 3 young kids who vlog their adventur...

Midnight Looms 041 – FRESH FIRE DANCE PARTY & RANDOM REQUEST LINE – February 2 2021
February 05, 2021

After last weeks monumental DRUMMER SPECIAL, our host, GOBS, is excited to take it easy and just drop some tunes. We’re only a month into 2021 and so much great music has already come out, so Gobs packs this episode with BRAND NEW TRACKS.

Midnight Looms 040 – CAN A DRUMMER GET SOME? – January 26 2021
January 28, 2021

So this is what 40 feels like. Tonight is the 40th episode of our weekly JOURNEY-BY-DJ FOR ADVENTUROUS LATE-NIGHT MUSIC LOVERS, and we think that calls for something SPECIAL. We’ve invited back the DRUMMERS from every band that has appeared on this sho...