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Louisville’s Cornbread Hemp Scores a Startup Fundraising First

April 07, 2020

Louisville's Cornbread Hemp just scored a local fundraising first. They're the first company to receive Render Capital's $20,000 investment in their WeFunder Match Fund.

They're also the first local company to raise funds using Regulation CF equity crowdfunding through WeFunder, one of the nation's top equity crowdfunding portals.

Equity crowdfunding is the way of the future for startup companies, and Cornbread Hemp is blazing the trail in the Louisville area.

In this episode of the MetroStart podcast, learn:

--- how Cornbread hemp got started;

--- what they learned about equity crowdfunding;

--- the pros and cons of equity crowdfunding;

--- pitfalls to avoid; and

--- how to make equity crowdfunding successful.