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Anchor Chapel

Latest Episodes

Facts - Week 2 - Biblical Love
April 17, 2023

Pastor Pitts speaks on the importance on knowing the FACTS behind God's love and our love for others.

Facts - Week 1 - Resurrection
April 10, 2023

Pastor Pitts covers the FACTS of the Resurrection of Jesus for Resurrection Sunday!

Glow Up - Week 5 - Keep That Same Energy
April 03, 2023

Connections Pastor, Pastor Everett, speaks on maintaining peace and a positive attitude as followers of Jesus, even when it's tough to.

Glow Up - Week 4 - Freedom From Sin
March 27, 2023

Pastor Pitts talks about the freedom we have access to when we live new lives through Jesus.

Glow Up - Week 3 - Relationship with the Church
March 20, 2023

Pastor Andy speaks about how our glow up should affect our dynamic with the church.

Glow Up - Week 2 - The New Life
March 13, 2023

Pastor Pitts talks about the access to new life we find in a relationship with Jesus.

Glow Up - Week 1 - Grow Up before the Glow Up
March 06, 2023

Pastor Michelle speaks on the covering the Father gives us when we accept Jesus as our Savior.

Love Like Jesus - Week 4 - Love Without Borders
February 27, 2023

Pastor Pitts covers how we can love others after posturing our hearts to love like Jesus.

Love Like Jesus - Week 3 - For the Love of Others
February 20, 2023

Pastor Pitts speaks on the importance of loving those around us and within our sphere on influence.

Love Like Jesus - Week 2 - This Ain't No Ordinary Love
February 13, 2023

Pastor Pitts teaches on the identity of the Father and recognizing His love.