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Top Ten Christmas Villains
August 31, 2016

The newest episode of the Merry Little Podcast takes on the probing subject of Christmas bad guys in beloved Christmas movies. Almost every story has a bad guy. But the bad guys of Christmas movies are special — because most of them are guys we don’t r...

For the Love of The Christmas Song
July 06, 2016

Christmas purists are funny people. Earlier this week we released a new podcast featuring the best selling songs of Christmas. We thought folks would be interested in this list. But no…..they seem to be a little upset by it,

Merry Little Podcast #2 — Get Your Jingle On
June 28, 2016

Here it is — ten quick minutes (okay, eight) of merry bliss in episode #2 of the Merry Little Podcast where we discuss Christmas in July and the habits of year round Christmas fanatics. We also invite you join the growing list of activities planned for...

Introducing the Merry Little Podcast
June 11, 2016

We’re pleased to introduce The Merry Little Podcast — a tiny little preview of The Merry Podcast, now available exclusively for our premiere members. The Merry Little Podcast will run about 10 minutes for each episode.

Merry Podcast #51 — Christmas Toy Fads of the Early 20th Century
April 19, 2016

Christmas past of more than a hundred years ago is our topic as we explore Christmas toy fads of the early 20th century in the latest episode of the Merry Podcast. Within a span of about 15 years there were many toys that reach mass market status but r...

Merry Podcast #50 — The Light of Christmas
December 21, 2015

Our annual Christmas edition of the Merry Podcast always features the voice greetings from the members of the Merry Forums — and that’s just the best part. In this episode we explore why the light of Christmas resides in all men and what exactly that m...

Merry Podcast #49 — Turkeys and Tunes
November 19, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving! It’s time for our annual Thanksgiving show on the Merry Podcast, a festive celebration of the grateful season plus a preview of the great new music of season. In this episode we’re exploring the history of the American Turkey,

Merry Podcast #48 — The Pumpkin Spice Episode
October 28, 2015

It is a jam-packed episode of the Merry Podcast, this time dedicated to all things Pumpkin Spice — a merry exploration a variety of Christmas topics! Lots of music, a little humor and timely topics to help prepare you for the season,

Merry Podcast #47 — O Little Towns of Christmas
October 12, 2015

In this merry episode of the Merry Podcast we explore a little about the American Christmas carol “O Little Town of Bethlehem”, a story of inspiration where the writer of the poem was inspired by a visit to an important place in Christmas history.

Merry Podcast #46 — Highlights from Tracking Santa
October 04, 2015

This special edition of the Merry Podcast is fully dedicated to the recapping of highlights from Santa tracking last Christmas Eve on Kringle Radio. 2014 was the 2nd year of tracking Santa as part of an ambitious live radio event that took more than 50...