Men, This Way

Men, This Way

Just Give The World Your Gifts Already! w/ Jairek Robbins (097)

June 08, 2023

Are you consistently offering your unique gifts to the world?

Might you be offering your gifts in one critical area of life, only to be offering little or nothing in another critical area?

How can you know if you’ve fully stepped out from living in your father’s shadow?

Well, in this episode, I mine these questions, and more, with my brilliant guest, Jairek Robbins, for useful insights to make a meaningful difference in your life.

Jairek Robbins. I’ve run into Jairek a few times over the years; chance meetings at various events back in my days of managing the spiritual music band Here II Here … I never had a meaningful conversation with him, and as gregarious and enlivened as he can appear on stage, I couldn’t really get a sense of his energy when I was with him in person. He always felt kind and gentle and humble and open. But it wasn’t until a mutual friend, Preston Smiles, recently connected us again that I had the hit to invite him onto Men This Way. One of the great things about this podcast is it’s a great container within which I get to have profound conversations with people I would likely otherwise never get to have a profound conversation with. Which is what happened with Jairek in this episode. 

Who is Jairek … ??

Jairek has delivered trainings and speeches to many millions of people worldwide, speaking to businesses and organizations including, Harvard University, the United States Air Force, Century 21, Tampa Bay Rays of Major League Baseball, BMW, the United States Marine Corps, United States Olympic Team, and many others … 

And if his name sounds familiar, yeah he’s the son of the Personal Development Legend, Tony Robbins. One thing I eagerly wanted to explore in my conversation with Jairek is a particular confrontation that all men must one day face: how do we step out from living in our father’s shadow, whether he was an abusive asshole we have no relationship with, or a world famous super-hero motivational teacher to millions … all men must learn to become our own man. Jairek and I talk about that journey, and we talk about a bunch of other profound topics, including what it means to give our unique gifts to the world. 

It’s a rich conversation, and I think you’ll enjoy it and be served well by it.


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