Men, This Way

Men, This Way

How to Speak Your Truth (Skillfully) w/ Vasavi Kumar (096)

May 25, 2023

Do you struggle to let people in to what’s really going on for you?

Are you afraid your intimate partner doesn’t really want to hear what’s true for you on this inside?

Do you know how to skillfully talk with others about what you really want and need?

In this episode, we have the pleasure of talking with Vasavi Kumar, a first-generation Indian American, life coach, and licensed therapist. Vasavi’s journey began with being diagnosed with bipolar disorder at a young age, which led her to become self-aware and empowered rather than limited by her diagnosis. She brings a unique perspective and deep understanding to the topic of communication.

Vasavi is the author of the book “Say It Out Loud,” which serves as a guide to effective communication. In this episode, we dive into the foundational practices of skillful communication, particularly in the context of intimate relationships. Vasavi shares her experiences as a woman communicating with men and offers valuable insights and techniques to help men improve their communication skills.

We explore the challenges and frustrations men often face when expressing their true thoughts and needs. The conversation focuses on creating safety and connection through skillful communication, which can have a profound impact on all aspects of our lives. By mastering the three pillars of Skillful Communication, Powerful Presence, and Passionate Connection, men can transform their relationships, friendships, and personal well-being.

Tune in to this enlightening episode as we learn from Vasavi’s expertise and gain practical tools to elevate our communication skills and enhance our relationships.

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(08:19) – The one thing that frustrates Vasavi the most.

(11:50) – A significant event from Vasavi’s early life.

(15:05) – How these certain events show up in Vasavi’s life.

(17:08) – Why the belief that ‘women only exist for men’s pleasure’ doesn’t work for women according to Vasavi.

(19:08) – Vasavi helps men understand how to express their thoughts to their wives.

(25:50) – The origins of adulthood as described by Vasavi.

(34:30) – Vasavi emphasizes the importance of saying thoughts out loud.

(51:59) – Vasavi’s advice to men who have received feedback from their partners.

(55:21) – Vasavi discusses her book ‘Say it out loud: Using the power of your voice to listen to your deepest thoughts and courageously pursue your dreams.’

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