Men, This Way

Men, This Way

Fierce Empathy w/ David Waldy (098)

June 22, 2023

Have you figured out what empathy actually is? 

Do you have a negative view of empathy?

Have you ever considered empathy can also be fierce and powerful?

In this episode, I dive into the concept of empathy and its true meaning. Do you hold a negative view of empathy? And have you considered that empathy can also possess strength and power? These questions, along with others, are explored with my guest, David Waldy, as we aim to provide insightful perspectives to make a meaningful difference in your life.

So, who is David Waldy?

David Waldy is a young man I recently connected with, specializing in teaching his unique abilities to others. His superpower lies in what he calls “fierce empathy.”

Let me share a few details about David. Approximately five years ago, David experienced a pivotal moment that many men inevitably face. It is that moment when a man realises he cannot continue living his life as he has been. Some men even contemplate ending their lives during this period, and David was one of them. Despite having a successful job, financial stability, and a family, he and his wife were unhappy. Fortunately, David had a transformative wake-up call that prompted him to leave his corporate career, reinvent himself, rebuild his family, and redefine what was possible in his personal and professional life. Today, he empowers leaders worldwide with his philosophy of fierce empathy.

The juxtaposition of these two words, “fierce” and “empathy,” intrigued me and led me into a fascinating conversation with David. Together, we explore how it is possible to be both strong and vulnerable simultaneously.

As our conversation progresses, I hope you will find inspiration that will motivate you to take more effective actions in order to bring about change, particularly in your relationships.

Join me on this journey as we unravel the depths of empathy and discover how it can be harnessed to create a powerful impact in your life.


(06:11) – Bryan reflects on the previous episode featuring Dennis Morolda and his discussion with Bryan about Dennis introducing David’s work to him.

(07:19) – David shares his childhood experience of growing up on a 70-acre farm. He describes it as a beautiful upbringing, living with his cousin, grandparents, and family, which resembled the idyllic atmosphere of “The Andy Griffith Show.”

(09:53) – David recounts a significant life-changing moment during a painful season. He explains moving to Florida, his parents’ failed marriage, his father leaving after a year and a half, being sexually abused by a pastor, and the subsequent loss of his sense of masculinity. This led him to question what it truly means to be a man and grapple with a fragile masculine identity.

(22:15) – The conversation shifts to Andrew Tate, a prominent figure in the realm of manhood. David characterizes him as an extremely fragile person who constantly strives to prove his masculinity. Many young people idolize toxic masculinity through Tate’s influence.

(24:25) – Exploring adolescent masculine psychology, the discussion focuses on the hero complex as a prominent feature. It is noted that this mindset often lacks empathy, and there is a widespread misunderstanding of empathy in society, associating it with weakness and being “soft.”

(27:02) – David emphasizes that the people who love and respect you the most in life may not always tell you what you want to hear. He shares his personal experience with his grandmother, who fearlessly speaks the harsh truth because of her deep love for him, which he appreciates.

(34:08) – Bryan raises a common challenge of empathy: the tendency to question, “What about me?” He further elaborates on feeling upset when his wife is upset. David adds that giving space to loved ones is an important aspect of empathy.

(42:48) – David breaks down the meaning of empathy for men who struggle to understand it, providing insight and guidance.

(55:49) – David explains why “nice guy syndrome” seems to be a prevalent diagnosis and how it leads to people-pleasing. He emphasizes the distinction between being nice and genuinely demonstrating kindness.

(01:08:30) – David shares his emotional triggers, such as anger when witnessing people taking advantage of others, and sadness when unintentionally hurting others. He also expresses the joy he experiences when spending time with his wife and children.

(01:12:38) –  where you can find david and learn to be more empathetic through his teachings


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