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Men, This Way

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Building Men (What Boys Really Need) w/ Dennis Morolda (088)
February 03, 2023

What are young men learning about masculinity today? How can we help build young men into the resilient, connected, empathetic AND strong adult men we need in the future? What kinds of rites of passag

Radical Intimacy (The Courageous Way To Love) w/ Zoe Kors (087)
January 18, 2023

Do you struggle with intimacy in relationships? Do you sometimes struggle to feel connected to yourself? Does sex stop satisfying you not long after the honeymoon hormones wear off? Zoe Kors is a long

Standing at The Crossroads of a Major Life Change w/ Mark Groves (086)
January 05, 2023

Are you in the midst of a major life transition? Or heading towards one? Have you ever felt both excitement and terror of change overtaking you? Are you comfortable with not knowing whats next, as yo

Rites of Passage: When Your Soul is Calling for Change w/ Jeddy Azuma (085)
December 22, 2022

Have you ever undergone a rites of passage? Have you ever felt called to do a rites of passage? Do you even know what Im talking about? In this episode, my guest, Jeddy Azuma the founder of Rising

The Tragic Loss of Creativity in Men w/ Aryeh-Or (084)
December 08, 2022

Did you long ago bury your creative spirit so you could fit in? Did you long ago stop writing poetry or songs, or painting, or drawing or whatever because it wouldnt make you money? Do you ever use d

When Men Get REAL With Themselves (and Other Men) w/ Sean Hotchkiss (083)
November 22, 2022

Have you ever achieved something huge, only to feel let down soon after the triumph? Have you ever lived the life you wanted, only to wake up one day feeling disillusioned by it? Do you consistently s

Find Authentic Power Thru Authentic Relationship w/ Jon Vroman (082)
November 16, 2022

Do you ever struggle to feel deeply connected to your authentic power? Could that be preventing you from being fully present in your everyday life? Could that be preventing you from having the love yo

Honest Sex (Create Passion Thru Safety) w/ Shana James (081)
November 03, 2022

Are you able to have honest conversations about sex with your partner, in ways that bring you closer together rather than push you apart? If not, would you like to learn how? Do you buy into the myth

How Conflict (Done Well) Can Heal Men w/ Arjuna O’Neal (080)
October 26, 2022

Do you hate conflict? Especially with other men? Did you know that conflict can actually build trust? But only when done well? Have you ever seen conflict done well? In this episode, my guest, Arjun

Are You (Consciously) Choosing How To Be A Man? w/ Johnny Elsasser (079)
October 19, 2022

Have you ever questioned where your definition of manhood came from? Have you ever taken time to define for yourself what it means to be a man? In this episode, my guest, Johnny Elsasser, and I mine t